Powur: Solar Multi-Level Marketing Review

Welcome to my Powur review! Powur is a direct marketing company operating in California, United States of America, the focus of this company is on the solar power niche, a previously unexplored option that is supposedly ripe with great profits and success. That’s according to their website, anyway. But what’s the real score in Powur MLM, let’s take a closer look!

Powur Multi-level Marketing Overview

There is a substantial lack of published information on their website, which fulfils no other purpose other than being a slideshow to attract potential affiliatesand customers. The company is registered as a B-Corp in IRS, which means it is an organization working for public interest.

Powur is owned and operated by Johnathon Budd, a name that is not new to the industry. He was owner of the former MLM program Empowered Entrepreneurs.

The business product of Powur is not that it actually produces or sells solar power systems. The company has absolutely nothing to do with solar power systems or their manufacture. Instead, the company is affiliated with SolarCity, a company owned by Elon Musk who also operates Tesla Motors.

Powur Multi-level Marketing System

The only service of Powur is that it offers potential marketers and affiliates the opportunity to market and sell SolarCity’s solar power systems. What is unique about SolarCity is that the company offers its products in an unconventional method for solar companies and conventional method for regular utility companies. Yes, the company charges nothing for the solar power systems, installation is free, and the customer has to pay for the solar power generated by the house system each month, just like a conventional electricity bill.

It is important to note here that Powur is currently available in the states served by Solar City, twenty in total: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont.

Powur also has no mandatory membership requirement in order to earn money, though there is a $200 certification available that opens a few new income opportunities. The compensation plan appears to be rather straightforward, coming with the standard referral systems common among MLM programs.

Markets have the prospect on earning $75 on their first three successful customers (individuals who have signed up contracts with SolarCity), this extends down the first referral tier. If your recruited affiliates manage three successful customers, you again earn $75 commission.

There are also ten different ranks of memberships, the lowest being ‘Partner’ when the member has no downline. An individual can reach the Qualified Partner level by generating three customers’ total. Furthermore, when the individual accumulates total five customers and maintains a downline generating at least nine customers each month, they get elevated to the next L1 Partner Level, this continues forth until the Hero level.

Is Powur Multi-level Marketing a scam or legit?

Powur is definitely an interesting concept that exhibits potential if the execution is performed smartly. Application of the sales strategy can be done through both the internet and physical means, depending on your strengths, you can potentially make profit. There is also no registration or membership fee required so that is a major plus.

Remember though, always to maintain a state of caution whenever dealing with MLM programs, even despite their apparent authenticity there is always a risk involved.

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  1. Robert Deery says

    Why would anyone buy from a middleman versus buying direct from Solar City…. sounds like a repeat of Jonathan Budd’s epic failure RIPPIN… just sayin


    • Andrew Murray says

      Hi Robert. The internet certainly makes it easier to bypass the middleman.
      Thanks for the link about Solar City. I appreciate your comment.

  2. Thinkinaboutit says

    There is also no registration or membership fee required so that is a major plus.

    Hey Andrew, have you heard about the $499. (one time fee to join Powur as a Partner? It’s on their website, I can send you a link. Prior to learning about the $499. amount, I’ve seen it in various print ranging as low as $199 to $299. Free for Advocates but I think they can only make up to $75. Thanks.

  3. There is a fee to joinit’s 500$ just thought u s should kno

  4. Michael Fink says

    Last I heard SolarCity has disconnected from POWUR

    • Andrew Murray says

      Hi Michael. What do you mean disconnected? Does POWUR still have other energy suppliers?

      • Jonathan kahue says

        Powur has gone to a multi-provider platform. They are forming a curated network of providers to there platform instead of being committed to just one solar provider. They kicked SolarCity off there platform because the numbers werent that great to do business with them anymore, which means higher commissions and bonuses when becoming an advisor. Hope this helps. I am an advisor with Powur, you can check out our newly deployed website here: https://powur.com/jonathan.kahue

  5. The idea is fantastic, the delivery leaves alot to be desired. Agreements have not been kept and we have had to nag our way through the process to get things done.The salesman made a lot of promises and did not follow through. I intended on selling for POWUR. At this point, I cant because I have witnessed the prevalent “take your money and run” attitude. The salesman said we would apply for a substantial rebate from Oncor (2-3K). We even rushed the signing of the contract so we might qualify. The salesman didnt even tell the contractor!! By the time the contractor arrived, it was too late!! This was the first place we lost money. We also told out salesperson we wanted to apply for our City’s 5k rebate. Same thing, the salesman did not relay the info. Luckily I was on top of it. A month later, I am still making daily calls to get the final inspection pushed through so I wont loose $5000 more. And then there was the 1000$ sign on bonus offered to us by POWUR. You guess it! Its been almost 3 months and we haven’t received it. Frustrated and, frankly, pissed, I decided to request a full refund on my membership (300$). The membership was so that I could sell for POWUR, I was very enthusiastic about all the promises. I was supposed to get kick back on referrals. It didn’t happen the way I had hoped either. They said they would look into refunding my membership. Of course, like the rest of their promises… not following through.

    • Andrew Murray says

      Great email address, Katey.

      I appreciate you sharing what happens. I can’t tell you how often I hear stories like this of companies not delivering and overpromising. I’m Sorry this happened to you with POWUR. Hopefully you can get your money back.

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