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seacret direct reviewSeacret is a company that markets high-end spa and skin care products extracted from various minerals, mud, and salt that is found in regions of the Dead Sea. Today they sell their products to some of the top skincare consumers and producers around the world, which include countries like; North America, South America, Canada, and over 16 countries of Europe, and major countries of Asia including India.

Seacret has established itself in the area of skin care products and is currently launching itself into MLM industry. The parent company is called ‘Secret Spa', which had reached the heights of reputation in the retail business with Kiosks around the globe with over $500 in merchandise sales.
The operation of Seacret is based in Arizona and the company has entered the network marketing since 2011, by launching under the names, ‘Searet immediate' and ‘Seacret direct'. Out of these, Seacret direct seems to have the maximum approach and over 5 years it has been well recognized with a huge range of products. Currently the company offers the opportunity to people all over the world to earn a sizable income for themselves through the network marketing.


The Seacret Products

There are various products that are manufactured by Seacret in the areas of facial care, skin care, as well as age-defying products. There are exclusive products for men and every now and then various new products are being introduced.

Facial Care Products

Seacret face moisturizer and face care products are designed for various specific requirements of our face to suit all types of skin to maximize results from every product. The company offers several facial masks as well as moisturizer to address every concern of yours. The creams provide complete hydration and all essential nutrients to the skin.seacret essential moisture face cream
Some of the facial care products include; purifying peeling milk; mineral-rich clarifying mud mask; intensive moisture night cream; mud soap; etc.
Skin Care Products

The individuality of Seacret products lies in the ingredients being derived from the Dead Sea, which is known for the various benefits of skin and health. These products help in exfoliating, nourishing, cleaning, and hydrating the skin of your face and body. These acts as a great protecting agent from various issues like irritation, cracking, dryness, and other issues of skin.
Some of the skin-care products include; body buter, nail care collection, salt scrub, body lotion, hand cream, etc.
Age-Defying Products

It is a huge challenge for you to pick the right product from the huge range of anti-aging products in the market. Seacret ends your search by offering you all the anti-aging properties of the Dead Sea at your doorstep. All these products are highly rich in nutrients, hydration, and ingredients that protect you from the hazards of environmental.  Some of the age-defying products include; regain eye cream, face serum, vitamin-rich moisturizer, etc.
Seacret Products for Men

Searcret has also brought about the solution for skin care for men and these include skin care for the entire body. All these products address the specific skin texture of men and are area specific too. Some of the products include; powerful cleansers, Exfoliators that are strong, foot cream, etc.  Some of these products include; essential nutrition eye gel, men's after-shave balm, foot cream, etc.
New Arrivals of Seacret

Seacret keeps adding varieties to their range and some of the new arrivals in their range of products include; Age-defying revive eye serum, complete facial care, mineral cleansing set, etc.


The core ingredients of all Seacret products that are derived from Dead Sea include and other products:

Allantion, which provides exfoliating and hydrating properties to the skin. It is also an anti-irritant that promotes healing to the skin; Amino Acid, which acts as a protein builder and balances metabolism; Avocado Oil, which rejuvenates and provides anti-oxidants like Vitamins A, B, B1, B2, D, and E, along with potassium and beta-carotene; Aloe Vera, which acts as the essential moisturizer for the skin with various healing properties; etc.
The diverse natural ingredients in the Seacret products also include; Borage seed oil; Chamomile; Carbohydrate; Cocoa butter; Bee wax; Coconut oil, Coriander oil; Cucumber extract; Elastin; Collagen; Grape seed oil; Lactic acid; Lecithin; Honey extract; Hamamelis extract; and several other ingredients that highly benefit skin care.


Compensation Plans of Seacret Direct

Secret Direct was found to market the products using MLM system of marketing. Seacret promises reliable and profitable component on the retail market, with their extremely qualifying products and a credible business opportunity. The compensation plans were derived to motivate people to convert intention into action. There are various ways to get paid with Seacret.

Let us take a look at the compensation plan that Seacret has to offer:

  • Retail Sales: This plan provides you with options to buy various products on a wholesale rage and sell them at a profit of 20% to 100%. You are endowed to conduct spa parties to market your products and this is easy as the market is already established. You may choose to buy in wholesale and sell at retail or fax orders to Seacret Direct and get your commissions, or you can directly buy from your individual website of Seacret.
  • Preferred Customer: As a preferred customer, you enjoy great discounts, which amounts to 20% to 50% discount on each purchase. If you refer 4 people, you can enjoy products worthy of $200 for free. The best news is, there are no penalties or contracts involved and you are provided with many free gifts.
  • Team Commission: This option allows you to earn a commission of 10% to 15% based on your team volume. This is purely based on the income stream from the legs under you. Building your team increases your earning potential.
  • Fast Start Bonus: Seacret offers you a $49 worth of business kit with a website, brochures, sample packets, and all required tools. Your commissions are determined on the packages you sell and this varies between $50 and $300 based on the package.
  • Performance Bonuses: Seacret offers one-time bonuses and ranking advancements. These vary from $1,000 to $1,000,000 for rankings that include; silver director, gold, ruby, emerald, diamond, double diamond, and crown executives.
  • Lifestyle Monthly Bonus: Seacret also offers monthly bonuses, which include $600 and $3,000 in the various rankings.
  • Luxury Car Bonus that range from $600 to $3,000 in the various rankings.
  • There are other options such as bronze bonus, leadership match, star builder bonus, etc.

With the secrets of Seacret revealed, you may pave your path to success.

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  1. mollyann staszak says:

    i need to know who to contact to get more information on becoming an agent

  2. I have tried seacret and I really love and I have become an agent with them also because I believe in the products and as a guy I also like using them. I am a photographer and work with a lot of fashion models and I have been introducing them to seacret and they love it. contact me for more info and visit my sight for information there also

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