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PETER WOLFINGPeter Wolfing is the creator and owner of Infinity Downline.

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Peter Wolfing goes by the name “The Online Tool Guy” and for good reason. Basically, if you need a tool to help you market your business on the internet whether it be a video squeeze capture page, a phone broadcaster or purchasing lead prospects, you’re likely going to find it in Peter Wolfing’s vault of business tools.

Peter Wolfing co-owns a company that has been around for over a decade called Multi-Plex Systems based in New York City. This company holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is a huge resource for internet marketers regardless if you’re a newbie or a master.

Multi-Plex Systems and Peter Wolfing created Infinity Downline as a means to market the Multi-Plex tools and helps other marketers not only use the resources that Multi-Plex provides but gives them an opportunity to create another income stream by promoting Infinity Downline. It also has some video tutorials that you can take advantage of and increase your knowledge of network/internet marketing. Infinity Downline has been around for about two years and has a membership of 180,000 people.
The success of Infinity Downline has branched out into Infinity 100, another and more lucrative business opportunity for marketers.
2011 and going into 2012 has proven to be a big year for Peter and his company. Here are some products that have already come out this year and some that are on the verge of being released.

•“Gmaper” is a software program that Peter helped develop. It’s scrapper that goes into Google Maps and helps you with finding leads in a very specific geographical location. You can find that at
•Next is a Postcard lead generator. This is a lead generation system to help you find leads on the internet and as well as formatting postcards that you will be sending out.
•The Text Broadcast Club is another tool that you can use. It’s a service that gives you unlimited texting for about $40/month and there is also business opportunity attached to it.
•The biggest and latest project is Lead Tool Box which is essentially 16 tools in 1. It’s very generic so if you come in already working another business opportunity and use the tool box in conjunction with it. You can get more information on that at

He is also the creator of Ultimate Cycler, which apparently has been having some issues recently.

Peter Wolfing is a man who is generally ahead of the game when it comes to internet marketing tools. He has a strong passion for it and there will be more to come from him and his company in the future.
Here is a video clip from the Multi-Plex Systems YouTube channel by Peter explaining about internet marketing, its importance to your business and some philosophies behind the whole thing.

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Peter Wolfing is the creator behind the widely popular Easy1Up program.

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  1. Pls, work on Ultimate Cycler quick…….thanks for your offing cooperation

  2. Oluwaseun Onafowokan says:

    Top of the morning to you Peter Wolfing. We have been experiencing a downtime on a particular networking site for close to 24 hours which is ‘Ultimate Cycler’. Kindly help look into it and revert. We await your swift response.
    Thank you

  3. Why is ultimate cycler not responding well?

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