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What is Limu?

limuLimu is a multi-level marketing company or MLM Company that focuses on a fruit based nutritional product. What is an MLM company? A multi-level marketing company or a networking company is a unique company structure where team leaders can recruit new members on behalf of the company and for each person they recruit to market their products, the team leader that is recruiting will earn a certain amount of compensation. The compensation goes deeper through several levels. The people they recruit are given the responsibility to market the product and recruit as well and their compensation is added onto the team leader's compensation. In short, the more people you recruit, the more money you earn.

Limu Moui?

Limu is a very well known MLM type of company and they have been progressing forward because of a few good reasons. First of all, their product is not a scam. The Limu line of products is a nutritional fruit drink that originates from the Limu Moui, a sea plant. Lumi Moui is very rich in fucoidan. This is a bioactive ingredient that contains numerous nutrients (more than seventy) and these include antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, polyphenols and glyconutrients. It is also reported to have anti-inflammatory as well as anti-viral benefits.

There are several products coming from the Limu company line. The most famous is their Limu Original. This drink is the purest of their products, containing absolutely no artificial ingredients. That means there are no preservatives, no food coloring, no artificial flavors or sweeteners. This can be purchased in a bottle or in a 2oz shot package. Then there is the Limu Lean. This is a weight management package consisting of different cleansing products and weight loss shakes. There is also the Blu Frog. This is an energy drink that is a mixture of vitamins, minerals, select herbs and the famous limu extract.

How to earn cash with Limu?

So how can you earn money with Limu? Technically the most obvious means is to became a direct member and earn through retail profits. This is their main profit earning strategy. You become a wholesaler for the company and then sell the products to retail outlets. The difference is your direct income. Of course this is just the first layer of the cake. Limu is a networking company so your best bet to earn a decent amount of money is to recruit other people into the company.

The Limu Compensation Plan

There are different packages that you can get people to enlist with. Limu offers seven different compensation plans for you to earn money.

Here is a quick look at the other means of earning cash in the company:

Basically the system works on a different set of ranks or levels. You start out as a beginning member with no immediate orders but as you continue to recruit members and continually purchase wholesale products to sell out to retailers you can raise your rank. The first two compensation plans, the Fast Track and the First Order Bonus are weekly payments. The Level Bonuses are monthly. These are the main compensation plans that you will follow to earn money by recruiting people. Say for example you recruited a friend. You get an immediate $70 for their purchase of the Fast Track package that gets them started to buy and sell Limu products and enrolls them into the team. Now the Level Bonuses is a monthly income and it is basically an amount based on the total monthly earnings of the organization based on product sales, not recruitment or package purchases.

Now when you reach a new rank and have been able to keep performance steady for three months in that rank you will earn a cash bonus. Say for example you have just reached the 100K rank and have been constantly being paid for this rank for three months. You then qualify for the cash bonus of ten thousand dollars ($10,000). The amount goes up for each rank you retain in. The 200K level grants a bonus of $20,000, the 500K grants $100,000 and the last rank, 1M, grants a cash bonus of $250,000.

There is also the Ultimate Auto Program. This compensation is for people who have worked their way up to the 20K rank. They earn a $600 monthly bonus upon purchasing a BMW automobile and this is courtesy of the entire Limu Company. The last two compensation plans, the Equity plan and the Pro Rata Bonus are for people who have reached the higher ranks. You basically earn from the entire company profit and are entitled ownership within the company instead of being a mere marketing leader or employee.

Is Limu a Scam?

Generally speaking all multi-level marketing companies are pretty dangerous to start out with. You have to rely a lot on your skills to market the product you are selling and you have to have impeccable social skills to be able to recruit other people into the program. Limu is not a straightaway scam however and are one of the very few reliable networking companies you will find. The first few months may be a bit tenuous as you still struggle to sell the product and properly recruit people into the team. The trick is to have the right team leader training.
You can avail of the best online training through online videos and PDF guides. There are actually a whole bunch of different software and online tools that you can use to bring in thousands of people all across different social networks and platforms to become members of the team.

You will no longer be limited to just recruiting friends and relatives. You can work on recruiting people from all across the nation. This means that you are able to properly sell the product you have and you are earning a high compensation for each person you are pulling into the network. If you want to rely on a beneficial networking company for good profits then Limu might be the company for you. Limu is a dedicated MLM Company that markets a healthy drink and they utilize one of the most tangible networking compensation plans you will ever find today.

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  1. Limu is a Network Marketing company within the nutrition niche. The company was founded by Gary Raser in 2003 and is headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida. Gary Raser brings a track record of success in business and Network Marketing having been a 7 figure earner in Network Marketing.

  2. Chirstina says:

    The ability to earn equity in the company based on production is an absolutely unique aspect of the Limu compensation package.

  3. Ultimately Limu is a Network Marketing opportunity and even with all the benefits of a unique nutritional extract, a competent leadership team, and a lucrative compensation plan.

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