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Alivemax – The Company

AliveMaxAlivemax is a multi level marketing company. Multi level marketing companies are companies which use the marketing strategy of compensating the sales force for sales that are generated personally and also those that are generated by others recruited as down lines. This ensures that there is a hierarchy of multiple compensations.

AliveMax product line manufactures products that have been carefully selected and prepared from scientifically validated quality ingredients that are combined with other advanced nutrient systems that are available in the market today.

The company also counts on communication with its distributors for ensuring that they get the much needed support and training. Training in Alivemax like in many multi level marketing companies is vital in ensuring that the business moves forward.

Alivemax is also passionate about leaving a positive impact on the financial wellbeing and health of everyone. The company's main goal is to empower each and everyone with its cutting edge and dynamic products. It has provided individuals with the opportunity to earn income from home through using and sharing Alivemax products

The Alivemax Compensation plan

Alivemax compensation plan rewards new entrants immediately after joining. You don't need to refer a person to earn a first commission as is the case with many multi level companies. New entrants are paid a onetime commission immediately. New entrants are also paid another onetime commission for introducing the first 3 people to Alivemax. This guarantees that you will earn a commission on each and every member of your team.

Among the bonuses enjoyed include the retail bonus. All award winning products by Alivemax have a set retail price that applies to whoever want to purchase products from the company but are not members. The company also has a wholesale price that is exclusively for Alivemax's distributors. It is therefore more profitable to purchase as a distributer because you can later sell these products at the retail price. Selling them at retail price automatically earns you a retail bonus which is a perfect way of earning a residual income.

Apart from the retail bonus, Alivemax also has another bonus known as the fast start bonuses. This bonus as the name suggests applies first when you first join the company. The aim of this bonus is to motivate a new entrant to share the opportunity with other people as well as sell the products. The bonus can also be earned every time a new distributor is enrolled into your team. The bonus is typically 20% of the business volume of down lines initial order.

Another bonus enjoyed by members is the bulk order bonus. This bonus is an additional bonus that is received from the first order of your new entrants. Each and every time a person enrolls to purchase any of the money saving value packs, an additional bulk order bonus of 10% is earned on the business volume of the value packs purchased. If a member risen in rank to the executive diamond level then the member earn a bulk order additional of 10% on each and every value package bought by down lines regardless of their level.

Alivemax also offers another special bonus known as the building cycle bonus. This bonus is intended at helping as much people to succeed as possible in the shortest time possible. The building cycle bonus comprises of two legs namely the right and the left leg. The building cycle bonus applies when new customers and members are placed under your team by members above you. This helps in building your cycle faster and you get rewarded for it. The main aim of this bonus is to maximize the teams' growth.

Alivemax also has another bonus known as the matching bonus. The aim of the matching bonus is to provide incentives for building long lasting teams that have a stable income stream. The intention behind creating long lasting and stable income is to ensure that all the people in your team become successful. Matching bonuses ensure that as your team achieves higher levels, you can bonuses based on their efforts.

The last bonus offered by Alivemax is the leadership pool bonus. This bonus is earned by all the team builders that have contributed greatly in building Alivemax and its products. The company puts aside 2% of each and every dollar paid to the company from product purchases as leadership pool bonus. All those members who qualify to enjoy the bonus at any time share the bonus equally among themselves. The bonus is paid quarterly.

Alivemax Products

Alivemax has highly nutritious products. The products are composed of unique spray nutricionals and revolution skin care products. The Spray nutricionals are unique in that they are administered by spraying. These products include anti aging spray, vitality spray, slim spray and a multivitamin spray.

Alivemax Product

Alivemax promoter proper nutrition because it is a vital part of healthy living. With products such as the Multi vitamin spray, taking essential vitamins is easier for kids. The spray has a great taste. The spray also has essential vitamins and minerals that are essential for promoting cellular growth and also improving circulation. The slim spray is an appetite suppressant which kills appetite. The vitality spray enhances stamina and endurance by supporting sexual desire. The anti-aging spray on the other hand is designed to slow the aging process. It contains acai and Resveratrol that support cardiovascular health. The spray also tastes good.

Alivemax also has revolution skin care products. These products include the face lift masque and anti aging serum (24K gold). The skin care products are internationally recognized by dermatologists, estheticians, and some top spas worldwide. The products have been scientifically formulated and made by experts in anti-aging skin products in America. The gold anti aging serum enables the skin to receive more blood in areas that need sell regeneration. Other areas that may benefit from the serum include areas with firm skin. The serum helps to reduce any presence of wrinkles and fine lines ensuring that the skin producing a beautiful glow.

Alivemax indeed seems to have the cutting edge in revolutionary products.

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