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InsiderBusinessReviews is becoming the leader in unbiased reviews online.

We are run by SEO-experts, and we optimize every article on our site and actively promote it to get higher and higher in the search engines.  Most of our pages are on the first or second page for the main subject.  We have high time-on-site stats, which means people are reading our content, and clicking through to your site.

We are also going to be integrating a widget with authors on the sidebar for more traffic.

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You can submit your content and have it featured on InsiderBusinessReviews.com.  Your content MUST be:

  • 100% unique quality content
  • NOT re-used on other sites or spun even after it's posted live on our site
  • Be fair, honest and full of integrity
  • At least 800-1200 words
  • Include details and specifics about your topic

We only publish ONE article per company, leader, or marketing system.  So you should submit your content ASAP if you want to lock down a certain company or keyword.

We allow you to have a FULL resource box at the end of your article with 2 hyperlinks.  You may change this at anytime.

You can write a review of an:

  • MLM company
  • Network Marketing Leader
  • Marketing System or Funnel
  • MLM Product

All reviews will be manually reviewed before publishing.

DO NOT post a puff piece about your company.  It will be ignored.  But if you write a high quality article, you can certainly link to your site/landing page.

 Submit Your Article:

We ask for your contact details as we may have questions for new writers and will have to get your resource box with 2 links back to wherever you want them from our authority site.

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  1. Sam Lamanite says

    Hi Webmaster,

    I found your site https://www.insiderbusinessreviews.com/ very helpful and informative. I wanted to ask you if you accept guest blog posts. Let me know I would love to contribute a unique post.


    Sam Lamanite

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  3. Mike Miranda says

    I came across insiderbusinessreviews.com and thought you would be interested in accepting a guest blog post. I have various articles I’m trying to find a home for. If this interests you, let me know and i’ll send something over for submission.

  4. Hello Andrew,
    You have an awesome blog here and I will like to write a guest post for your blog.

  5. Katongole Johnny says

    Hey Andrew this’s Johnny.

    I wanted to shoot you a note because have been followed your site for a while Now.
    I was going to give the following to our publicist but i thought i would go to you with the exclusive because i read and really enjoy your stuff.

    This means you would be the first to have it.I can write up any details ,content you’d need to make it great
    Do you think this might be good fit?.
    If so,should i draft up something around 500-200 words and send it to you,or do you prefer a different process?

    If not,i totally understand ,and thanks for reading this much.

    • Andrew Murray says

      Just send it to me. I’d love to take a look. Just make sure it’s about giving value or clear information. I review the bio box so you can link out from there but keep it non-spammy.

  6. Nick Arapkiles says

    Hi Andrew. I got a youtube message from your assistant asking if I could write a review on Digital Altitude. For whatever reason it wouldn’t let me reply. If you guys still want me to do that then just shoot me a Facebook message or email. Thanks.

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