Who is Nick Bramble?

Nick Bramble is also Best Known For…

nick-brambleNick Bramble is a professional network marketer who has achieved great success in the network marketing industry. Before achieving success in this field though Nick was faced with being ‘let go’ from the company he was working for a few weeks before Christmas and with a young baby and another on the way. Instead of viewing this as a catastrophe though, Nick decided that this was his second chance and used the opportunity to create the life he wanted.

Nick Bramble’s Dream Lifestyle Opportunity

Between 2009 and 2011 Nick Bramble’s main opportunity seemed to be the Dream Lifestyle System which he launched in May 2009 and it included internet marketing training and advertising. Today when one tries to access any sites associated with this system though we get a variety of error messages – site suspended, site cannot be found, etc. We are not quite sure what has happened to this system that seemed to be Nick Bramble’s primary system for the last few years but it would appear that Nick has now moved onto other opportunities.

So What is Nick Bramble Doing Now?

Latest news shows that Nick Bramble is now involved with a number of other network marketing programs such as the Numis Network and the Empower Network and appears to be doing really well in both these systems.

The Numis Network is a network marketing program which sells numismatic coins in an mlm-type system enabling people to make money by turning their currency into real wealth in terms of gold and silver coins which retain value far better than paper currency.

The Empower Network is a three-tiered internet marketing training system that offers a 100% commission structure with some pass up sales that was started by David Wood.

Nick Bramble is a network marketer and mentor who started the Dream Lifestyle System and Right Way Wealth system, it appears that neither of these programs are currently active however and that Nick Bramble has now moved onto other programs such as the Empower Network and Numis Network.

Nick Bramble has joined Visalus recently.

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