BYOAudio Review

What is BYOAudio?

BYOAudio has been successful in maintaining its leadership in streaming audio and video since the year 2003. If you are thinking of conducting Internet marketing and advertising campaigns, and need audios and videos, you can simplify the process with BYOaudio.

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You can stand out amongst the crowd with exceptional audio and video as they both can engage the sense of target audience within minutes in a way no other medium can. This software can handle all formats required by Quicktime or Windows Media. You just have to go ahead and past one line of the code in your website and online viewers can watch your videos instantly.


What BYOAudio can do?

BYOaudio also allows you to record straight from your computer with the help of its Video Web Recorder technology. You just need a webcam and can place numerous video players on as many web pages as you like. You don't have to be techie to add your videos to your site, as you can simply cut and paste them using BYOaudio. There are tons of features in this software and you can visit the company site for complete list of features of BYOaudio as it won't be possible to list all of them in this sort segment.

BYOaudio allows you to create audio recordings with the help of a simple microphone. You just have to plug the microphone in your PC and use online recorder. You can then turn this recording into HTML, and paste it into your landing page or site.You also get a option of placing a hyperlink using this software, which takes your visitor to BYO page where one can play the player. Hyper links are great for email marketing campaigns and you can record your audios from any place and at anytime.

You also have an option on choosing the look of the player. There are more than fifty players to choose from, and you can choose the button shape, button style, background colors, and button foreground, and even the size of the button! You can have either have audio loop replay over and over again, and you can also have audio auto-play when the page is opened. You can place the player anywhere on the webpage, and if you want, you can even make it invisible.

BYOAudio's Compensation Plan

BYOaudio provides an excellent affiliate plan that pays generous 33 percent commission for each referral that joins. With just three referrals, you can get monthly service free. You have a option of using various publishing options like Podcasting, Video, and Website Audio for building your affiliates. Customers converting from free trial automatically yield 33 percent commission from their monthly subscription fee to their referrer.

BYOaudio offers 30 day free trial which is sufficient time for you to test the efficacy of the system. Company provides support in the form of easy to understand instructions from the users accounts back office.

You can Drive it, even play with it, but you can't break it! People prefer BYOaudio, instead of using the embedded YouTube videos because it helps in keeping their visitors on their site and it doesn't give them any way to click away, at least not by clicking on those videos.


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