Cedrick Harris Review

Cedrick Harris Review 1Cedrick Harris is well known in the network marketing industry.  Originally from the mean streets of Richmond Virginia, Cedrick was the dominant force behind the MLSP AKA MLM Lead System Pro AKA My Lead System Pro replicated “Attraction Marketing” system that became a go-to hub for struggling network marketers.

Cedrick Harris

Cedrick Harris

Cedrick Harris no longer promotes MLSP, and personally I was never a part of MLSP, nor did I want to be.  I found some of their tactics disturbing and borderline unethical.

Cedrick Harris got his big break into the MLM world by speaking at a Jeffrey Combs event.  Prior to that, Cedrick has been a top selling mortgage broker in Florida.

Cedrick Harris & Andrew Murray

Cedrick Harris and I hooked up again at the private mastermind for Jonathan Budd's top affiliates.  (I beat Cedrick in the JV contest, LOL!)

Here's Cedrick giving me his “death stare” from Jonathan Budd's living room:

Cedrick Harris Review 2

Cedrick Harris & Team Takeover

Cedrick started team takeover as a unified training platform to train the reps in his business.  He created a leveraged system where both he and his right-hand leaders could diversify their efforts to create more and better training.

My favourite Cedrick Harris video is when he got caught with a kilo.  (It's pretty shocking, here it is):

OK, Cedrick's YouTube account got shut down.  So you can't see the video now.  But trust me, it was funny.

Cedrick Harris & IMToolSuite

Cedrick Harris Review 3

Cedrick Harris is now the co-founder of IMToolSuite, which offers core SERVICES and marketing tools to network marketers.

This is a step off from MLSP, which tries to offer both training and tools.  But in my opinion, the training from MLSP was cluttered, confusing, and was followed up with a pitch-fest every week from somebody else.

IMToolSuite has been closed down.

Cedrick Harris & Visalus

Cedrick Harris is promoting Visalus Sciences.

Here's a picture of Cedrick Harris and Visalus sciences partner-in-crime Andrew Murray outside Jonathan Budd's house.  (OK, I have trouble opening my eyes without sunglasses in California!)

Andrew Murray & Cedrick Harris: Visalus sciences

I positioned myself in his organization at the top and rocked out Visalus Life Sciences with Cedrick Harris, and Visalus Ambassador Andrew Murray.

Visalus Update:

After hitting 1-Star Ambassador and clearing checks in excess of $22k in a single month, I have stopped promoting Visalus.  There are reasons on the business side and the product side.  If you are interested in hearing why – or what I'm doing now, feel free to contact me about it.


Cedrick has moved on to promote Evolv, Organo Gold, and Modere since this article was originally published.

MLM Consultant

MLM Consultant – What You Need to Know Before You Can Trust any MLM Consultants

If you’ve ever wondered if getting an MLM consultant to help you with your business is the right thing to do, then hopefully this article will open your eyes to some possibilities.

Here’s the major problem…and might very well be a problem that you’re dealing with right at this moment.

Very often, when someone joins an MLM opportunity, they end up getting…well…abandoned. You get approached to join a business opportunity, and promised that you’re going to be taught exactly how to do it, and how to earn tons of money each month.

However, all too often what you end up with is confusion of a) where your sponsor disappeared to, and b) what to do next. Unfortunately in this situation too many people quit and give up on the dream that they had when they signed up for the opportunity.

On the other hand, some people take things into their own hands, and they go out and find an MLM consultant that can actually help them. These are the people who have potential to become great in MLM.

But here’s where the next problem comes into play…

When you’re lost and confused, and especially if you’ve just joined an MLM business opportunity without ever having been in the industry, you really don’t even know what you don’t know. You don’t know what or who you should be looking for in an MLM consultant. Of course this is how many people get suckered into spending money on consultants, or products that don’t work.

What You Should Be Looking for In an MLM Consultant

One of the main things that you should be looking for when it comes to MLM consulting is that the person doing the consulting is qualified to dole out advice. What does qualified mean?

It means that they’ve actually achieved success in MLM themselves. There are plenty of people online who are giving out advice, writing ebooks, or even getting books published… who have never achieved any real success in the MLM industry themselves.

They’ve done some research, scraped some content from other people’s work, and put together training that has never been tested and just sounds good in theory. But the fact is they haven’t made any real money in MLM. Sure they make a boatload of money selling these books and courses, but YOU the distributor simply get left with disappointment and heartache.

So it’s imperative that you make sure that the person that you’re considering as an MLM consultant has real credibility.

How do you determine true credibility? You determine true credibility by whether or not the person has actually made money in the industry for an extended period of time them selves.

Having experience in the trenches of the MLM field, and not simply reading about it, makes an immense difference.

Next it’s crucial that the MLM consultant has a track record of helping others achieve what it is that you are trying to achieve. In other words, have they helped others find success in MLM? If so you’ll be able to find out quite easily, because in the MLM industry those who have great success enjoy boasting about it. Therefore if there’s been a track record of success that points to an MLM consultant, it won’t be hard to find people talking about them.

So it’s hard to know exactly who to trust. But when you look for a track record of success it becomes infinitely easier.

One of the MLM consultants that has a gained a huge following and major amount of buzz is Andrew Murray. The reason is simple actually…it’s because he’s getting people the results that they want. He’s helping them change their lives basically.

Andrew is a 10 year veteran of the MLM industry.

But here’s the thing about him. He’s been where you’re at now, and he understands the pain, the confusion, and the overwhelm that you’re feeling. He was in that same spot, and instead of quitting like most people end up doing, he and his wife Marie did the research to figure out exactly how to become successful in MLM.

They spent over $10,000 of their own money, and through trial and error came up with a method and blueprint that anyone can use to make money in MLM from home. And NO, you’re not going to have to annoy your friends and family, which usually only leads to having them avoid you at all costs.

If you’re looking for an MLM consultant that has taken this MLM industry from complicated and overwhelming to simple and easy for anyone to do, then Andrew Murray is your guy. His methods have taken his income from making an embarrassing $14 a month (no, there’s no zero’s missing) to making $78,910 in a single month…nearly all from the internet and a constant supply of free leads…and no annoying 3-foot-rule. If you’re serious about having leads coming to you, credit card in hand nearly begging to sign up into your downline, then click here now!

Business Success Alliance Review

Welcome to my Business Success Alliance review! You may have heard about this company or someone approach you to introduce the business opportunity that the Business Success Alliance can offer. So, let’s see if it’s worth investing.

Business Success Alliance Overview

Business Success Alliance is a MMM program based in the United States of America. There is currently no specific information available on its current headquarters or physical premises. There is also little information available about its administration, no one in the ownership is known besides that the infamous entrepreneur Rob Abrams, but it is entirely possible that a single-person managed the business.

Rob Abrams has a history of operating fake programs and it appears that Business Success Alliance is merely a rebranding on Rob’s many shenanigans. The past proven scam programs operated by Rob include but are not limited to Automated Money Products, Magnetic Money Miracle and Global Gifting Systems.

Business Success Alliance Business Scheme

Business Success Alliance offers a unique income approach that is different from MLM programs, foremost the fact that there is no referral system or tiers involved. The affiliates simply have to advertise the products offered by Business Success Alliance, and when some referral makes a purchase, the recruiter receives a pre-set sum as profit.

However, before one can become an affiliate, there is a membership purchase required. The membership plans are offered at seven different levels; starting from Bronze and ending up Until Empire Package.

The Bronze membership is priced at $500, plus a one-time license purchase worth $195. This amounts to a total $695, required, to begin earning with Business Success Alliance. This membership plan includes some twenty-hour strong courses content that spans videos and audio formats. If the recruiter successfully manages to recruit another individual into the same Bronze Membership, the recruiter earns a $500 bonus. However, if the new recruit instead chooses any other plan, such as Silver (Priced at $2000 + one time $198 license fees) the recruiter will still only earn $500, because they are on the Bronze membership.

Had the recruiter been silver or gold ($3500 + $298) member and the new recruit signed up as a Silver member, the recruiter would earn $2000. This goes on and on, until the top most Empire level, which requires a $50,000 membership purchase with $1498 license fees. In any case, it would require at least 2.5 sales actually to make some profit through this program. Other benefits of higher membership levels is the increased volume of courses provided, though spending thousands of dollars on a few videos cheaply available from other sources appears impractical.

Each membership bestows a number of different informative courses regarding finance and business etcetera, of which the subscribing member can take advantage to achieve greater success in their own business. This is also the advertisement prospect for affiliates, to market Business Success Alliance’s courses for their informative value. This spectrum of the business, however, receives little focus as the main purpose of the scheme is simply to earn money through having others purchase the same membership.

Is Business Success Alliance a scam?

Big-ticket opportunities such as Business Success Alliance should only be approached with extreme caution. Specifically, any company that operates under a proven and infamous scammer is a call for alarm. This type of organization can be functioning without legitimate permission from the country where it operates. Of course, there is always a high risk that Business Success Alliance may disappear, as there is little information available and practically zero guarantees, along with your entire investment.

Kindred IM Academy Review

Welcome to my Kindred IM Academy review! Kindred IM Academy is a recent entrant into the MLM Industry – and it may have already broken previous records. Foremost being the record of secrecy, as there is absolutely no information whatsoever available on the owners, location, registration, products or anything else about the company. Let’s get to know more about Kindred IM Academy as an MLM option.

Kindred IM Academy Overview

Kindred IM Academy is a supporting group on Facebook, which is the only source of information regarding the program. Limited as it may be, a few names being the company’s operation are noted with no further detail: Lisa Stalvey, Jean Tasler, Yew Nieng Song and Mike Thibodeaux.

The domain of Kindred IM Academy was registered on July 12th, 2015. Further information is also not available because the domain has been set to private. The steep level of secrecy already raises considerable suspicions about the intent and authenticity of the business. Why would anyone purchase any product or service from a company that exhibits zero information about itself?

Kindred IM Academy MLM program

There appears to be no specific retail product or service offered by the company, except for brief mention of digital courses and electronic magnetic radiation protector. The only service offered by the company is its Affiliate membership, which is priced at $50. Apart from that, new members are also required to pay $5 to their recruiters.

Kindred IM Academy offers their compensation plan on a 2×8 structure, which means that affiliate, can have up to two sub-affiliates, each of whom has their own pair of sub-affiliates; the structure is capped at 510 positions.

kindred IM academy

To be more specific, the affiliate at the top-most level pays $5 to their recruiter in order to qualify for receiving payments from two sub-affiliates, if the affiliate manages to get two recruitments, they can earn the possible maximum of $10. As the affiliate advances into the next level, the matrix is expanded and the affiliate must pay $10 in order to qualify for receiving four sub-affiliates worth $10 each. This ladder continues ahead until it reaches the maximum possible limited of 510.

If any member manages to reach the highest level of the ladder, they are required to pay $200 monthly to the company. $100 of which are added into the ‘profit share pool’, Furthermore, 5% out of the $50 membership fees also is added into the same pool.

It appears that the system behind Kindred IM Academy is developed only for the benefit of the company owners, they appear to have absolutely no liability over the business and only benefit through the $5 gifts being purchased at the bottom level of the matrix. The company also holds over the remaining 95% of the original memberships, coupled with the fact that they present absolutely no information about their business and investment opportunity. It raises the question, what are their expenses?

Is Kindred IM Academy worth investing?

Kindred IM Academy is an instant no-go option. Do not waste your precious time and money over some poorly structured company that does not bother to present any information regarding its business and ownership. There are plenty of better options available on the market that are actually authentic and offer actual monetary benefits.


Lyoness Multi-Level Marketing Review

Lyoness Multi-Level Marketing Review – Legit or Scam

Welcome to my Lyoness Multi-Level Marketing Review! You may have talked with someone offering you to get the most out of your life and retire early. Well, who would not want to enjoy life anyway? But, can Lyoness’ Multi-Level Marketing program makes your dream come true? Let’s find out.

Lyoness Multi-Level Marketing Overview

Lyoness was established in 2003 in Austria, the founder and CEO is Hubert Fried. There is no available information on any previous MLM involvement of the founder, thus hinting that this might be his very first venture, which has sustained for over a decade now.

Through its protracted lifecycle, the program has managed to accumulate a good deal of prominence mainly in benefit from its overtly complex compensation program which fools inexperienced people into thinking they are actually benefitting from their investment with the program.

Lyoness Multi-Level Marketing Scheme

If any business feels the necessity to design its business model beyond anything other than the conventional, simple and efficient numerical model, it may hint towards something probably unattractive.

Lyoness is a cash-back program, which offers a certain discount and cashback applicable on every purchase, similar to those offered by credit card companies and banks, but the cashback is applicable at purchases only at limited, select retail stores.

There is no MLM venture complete without its very own referral program, Lyoness has its own overtly complex referral and compensation program, composed of ‘Accounting Units’. The actual mechanics behind these units is difficult precisely to explain, however, in brief, Account Units are accumulated through recruiting a certain number of people who spend a certain volume of cash, in order for you to rise up in rank and earn some of the promised money. For example, if you are able to recruit exact 35 direct referrals and 35 indirect referrals, you may eligible for a $675 Loyalty cash in the ACI Category, which is only redeemable for purchases made through Lyoness store. After a reasonable amount of time spent on calculating, your entire life of referrals will need to spend over $180,000 for you to receive a measly $675 bonus that is not even real money.

In order to become eligible to recruit other members, you will first need to purchase a $3000 membership, and must recruit a few business partners for the company itself. The huge starting investment, coupled with the fact that no promotion tools are provided means that there is a huge amount of effort required to earn actual money, while the Lyoness company itself continues to rake in insurmountable amounts of profit.

Lyoness Multi-Level Marketing – Our Verdict

Though others services provided by Lyoness are not fraudulent, the MLM side of the company is built around nothing more than an obvious pyramid scheme, made only to lure in investors under false promises. There are greater alternatives available that offer attractive benefits in return for your efforts. Hence, we believe that the Lyoness Multi-Level Marketing Review can be a good option to earn more, but the risk is definitely very high. It requires hard work and a number of people willing to invest under your network.


Oxo Worldwide Multi-Level Marketing Review

Welcome to my Oxo Worldwide review! Oxo Worldwide is an MLM-focused company operating in the ‘Health and Fitness’ industry. Literally, they offer products that are stick-on holograms called ‘Quantum Infused Holograms’. The strange fact about this company is its secrecy and lack of published information regarding the company. Obviously, there is the MLM factor to it, which appears to be its major focus. Let’s see if it’s worth investing in Oxo Worldwide.

Oxo Worldwide Overview

Oxo Worldwide is owned and operated by Aroga Holdings, which is operated by Aroga Worldwide. The owning company claims to be based in Canada. No other information is available regarding the work place of Oxo Worldwide. The president of the company is Douglas Yates, an American businessman with a history of various successful and failed businesses.

The CEO is Grove Bennett, a highly experienced entrepreneur who has worked with militaries, sports accessories and food companies. The COO is Steve Barclay, another businessman with plenty of involvement in education and health charities. Oxo Worldwide also has a panel of medical professionals specializing in energetic medicines, such as the products offered by the company.

How Oxo Worldwide system works

Oxo Worldwide offers hologram stickers, which when applied, provide a particular health benefit to the user. However, their exact effects and feasibility is subject to individual opinions, there are three types of stickers offered, those familiar with acupressure practises will feel at home: Real-time Energy, Real-time Sleep and Real-time Relief.

These holograms are designed to be non-invasive and have no chemicals or drug elements inside. They also do not produce anything in the body. The entire purpose of holograms is to stimulate and balance the cellular frequencies of the body. The ‘Energy’ and ‘Sleep’ holograms are the most expensive at $69.99, while the ‘Relief’ holograms are priced at $59.99.

Oxo Worldwide offers a Binary-structured compensation plan to attract potential affiliates to market their products. Oxo Worldwide claims to be unique from other MLM programs by fact that the company pays 65% income to affiliates, while keeping only 35% to themselves.

In order to be eligible for the compensation plan, a potential affiliate first need to purchase the ‘distributor’ membership at $179.97, which is essentially a purchase of three packs at wholesale rates, with license to sell them to others and recruit more people to become distributors. The binary compensation plan spans seven different levels, from Bronze up to Black Diamond. The bronze level requires the affiliate to purchase at least 100 PV points worth products, as well as have two sub-affiliates who do the same. All these ‘cycles’ are calculated daily and if each legs of the binary possess equal 100 PV’s, the affiliate is allocated a share of profits. Depending on the rank, the total earnable amount may also be capped.

Is Oxo Worldwide a scam?

Oxo Worldwide appears to be a legitimate company selling its own products while offering an MLM opportunity, however the focus is just limited to that. There appears to be no motivation for improvement in the retail spectrum of the business, there is also the fact to consider that the company is purposefully hiding its operating address, which may hint towards something fishy. Oxo Worldwide could be worth giving a chance but there are generally better alternatives and authentic alternatives available on the market.


Jewel Kade Review

What is Jewel Kade?

With its first launch in 2008 from an idea to just design jewelry pieces as a way to keep her children “close to her heart,” Janet’s idea that started in the basement soon became an idea that would become national attention. The JK signature charms are in such high demand that they have already appeared on The Today Show, the Ellen Degeneres Show, and American Idol. Janet, the designer, decided to take a different marketing strategy to her business and go from retail to parties in the home.  This traditional, MLM method has proven over and over to be successful.  This is a business that is very personal, unique and self-inspiring. Every jewelry piece is handcrafted by Janet’s production artists and then sold and purchased through home parties and online.

Meet the Artist

Janet Kinkade is a successful woman who wanted to design jewelry that would reflect that same passion and love that she has for her own family and specifically her five children. After over one year of studying how to design different pieces, Janet’s friends were so intrigued by their beauty, that they asked her to sell them some charms. This is where her success began to unravel when word spread and then she started to sell the pieces in boutiques and jewelry shows. Janet decided to transition from retail to jewelry home parties with other woman and now anybody wanting to start their own business from home can share in this same vision and opportunity that many other women are having success with.

The Products

Jewel Kade provides a variety of vintage, urban, contemporary, and intimate pieces that can be personalized to every consumer. The jewelry consists of Signature Charms, Magnolia Metals, Necklaces, and various Accessories. The accessories range from bracelets, earrings, Swarovski Birthstone Crystals, and many more. One important factor that makes this jewelry unique and authentic is that they are handcrafted, and made out of fine quality material. Just by looking in the catalog, people seem to understand the story and the passion behind the idea of this beautiful jewelry.
jewel kadeIs this a business for you?

This opportunity looks great for stay-at-home-mothers looking for part-time work or even anybody looking to make some extra cash. The potential is even there if you want to devote more time and turn it into a full-time income, or even if you want to replaces it for a 5-figure income, it is possible. Since it is a fairly young company, the best time to get involved would be now.
If you are interested in starting or wondering how this works, your primary marketing method would be to host parties and share the product with other family members and friends. You would then become an Independent Stylist with the flexibility of your own hours and setting your own goals. JK’s compensation plan is very generous, and your income goes up every time you make a sale!
Some benefits of becoming an Independent Stylist are:

  • The advantage of keeping 25% profits of every sale.
  • After $3,000 in retail sales, stylists keep 30% of every retail sale
  • Average parties bring in about $600 in sales, which would put about $180 in your pocket.

There are many other benefits including the ability to earn FREE jewelry!

To get started, simply pick your starter kit. Once you receive your kit, start hosting parties and make your orders. You will receive your own JK website that will help to assist you in marketing your new business and allows for online purchases.

With full company support, the possibilities are endless to take your business to the next level. Along with your own website, you will receive leadership training, the opportunity to attend annual conventions, training events, and many more opportunities to help you succeed.

Again, Jewel Kade is among the top ten MLM/Home Based Business’ in the industry today. If you are considering an Online Business or a real legit opportunity that can put extra cash in your pocket, take a look at what this sincere passionate company has to offer.

Conclusion – Is Jewel Kade Worth Looking at?

Jewel Kade appears to be a good company with quality products and with it's current momentum is a good bet for those who are into putting in some work on the front end to be paid a nice sizeable sum on the back end. $180 per night is nothing to scoff at a party and could be a very lucrative way to generate a large stable stream of income to help you cover your expenses.

In almost every opportunity in business there is the constant dilemma of having pre-qualified quality leads for your business. In 97.8% of all business leads are the crucial lifeblood of any thriving organization. In order to get them you can do two things.

You can buy them – Not always the best choice. I have bought many leads and most of them are NOT of high quality and are often recycled too.

You can create them yourself – If I had to choose between the two methods I have found this one to be most effective in bringing in an eager line of new customers and distributors.

The webinar below will show you EXACTLY how to generate your own stream of customers, and easily create your own stream of income.

Watch this exclusive webinar now and start

Surge365 – Legit Product or Scam?

surge365Welcome to my Surge365 review! Regardless of how much legislation are placed to effect against Internet High Yield Investment Programs, otherwise known as Pyramid Schemes, the schemes seem to keep finding ways to return under different guises.

It is sad that despite the widespread information available on the Internet about every topic imaginable, people continue to fall for fraudulent schemes. These schemes title themselves as pioneers or experts of some excellent business, and offer investment opportunities to people eager for some spare income. In reality though, the golden business simply does not exist beyond a page in the internet, or if it does, it has no real income potential. Then how do they earn money?

Surge365 Schemes

The art of deceiving people into making investments and having them advertise for the company. In return, the company continuously pays them small ‘profit’ on their investment. The company sustains this through splitting off on new investments they receive from new investors, as the cycle of recruitment and new investment continues, it results in a potentially never-ending cycle of money-making for the company.

Of course, the exact details of these may vary from each company, but the context stays. Let us scrutinize one certain company that has become notorious for offering insane rewards to their ‘affiliates’, Surge365.

Surge365 is a‘travel agency’ that focuses all efforts on acquiring affiliates, rather than offering travelling services to regular customers. As evident from their website, the business is focused towards enabling people to ‘earn more’. It was launched on 2nd March, 2015 in the United States of America.

Here is how it works; In order to gain membership in Surge365, one must first pay $59.95 monthly in order to actually be eligible for receiving discounted travel rates, it is important to note here that this membership is actually the only service offered by Surge365. The actual discount deals and travelling services come from an affiliated actual travelling site, Pro Travel Network. Frankly, the deals offered are not very exciting, but probably is not why people join the site, if they needed to travel there are plenty of better, authentic online services around.

If you are to follow what the company expects from you, there is potential to just possibly make some money. The company pays its members bonuses for recruiting more members, when new members join the website, they pay for their own membership. Surge365 simply takes some of that new membership fees and sends a slice to the member who referred the new member. This cycle of referral continues down a multiple level, direct (first tier) referrals are worth a whole $59.95 in bonus, second tier referrals are worth $20 and so forth. The bonus program is always actual multi-levelled and goes quite deep.

Is Surge365 legit or scam?

Remember the talk about Pyramid Schemes earlier? Does it sound familiar? We will help you out a bit more. The Founder’s circle of Surge365 is actually veterans in this field. The current CEO, Vice President, CVO and other top members are the former owners of the debunked huge Pyramid Scheme, Your Travel Biz. The company ‘YBZ’ came under lawsuits in 2008 and bankrupted in 2013, their offered services were quite similar to Surge365; ‘designed to help you get some extra cash’. The founders now simply moved their operations to Surge365 once they saw that YBZ could no longer function because of defamation.

Our Verdict on Surge365

In conclusion, if you are looking for a travelling solution, there are plenty of authentic and real alternatives around. If you are interested in making money through this pyramid scheme, then please keep in mind that you will continuously be at risk of losing all your money once the service goes under.

So, looking into the scenarios discussed in this article, the Surge365 is a scam!


Global Currency Coin Review

Global Currency Coin Review – Legit or Scam

Welcome to my Global Currency Coin review! New Crypto-currencies appear to be coming in droves, left and right. This review cover another new crypto-currency platform, Global Currency Coin, based out of Poznan city in Western Poland. Like similar platforms, Global Currency Coin offers no certain product or service, only its virtual currency.

Global Currency Coin Overview

The company’s goal, according to its statement, is to have the currency become deeply embedded with everyday transactions, e.g. shopping or buying a cup of coffee – eventually replacing the currently used physical currency.

global currency coin gcr


Global Currency Coin brings a few fresh changes to the table. The most iconic of which being the reduced transaction verification times, though the industry average hovers at around half-hour mark, Global Currency Coin claims to finish all verifications within a minute.

The company behind Global Currency Coin is also developing an online store to support the currency, ‘Ecosystem 24’. Which may be a union of twenty-four different online stores. It is important to mention that, with the absence of the online store, there is currently no other place that Global Currency Coins can be spent.

Global Currency Coin Scheme

There are currently three possible methods to acquiring Global Currency Coin Coins, first is through purchasing the coins directly from the company itself – offered in three different packages; Silk, Velvet and Cashmere. Priced at €38, €588 and €1788 respectively. The actual amount of Global Currency Coin Coins acquired through these packages depends on the exchange rate at the time of purchase.

The second method of acquiring Global Currency Coin Coins is through its affiliate program, which on its own spans eight levels. The third method is through spending Global Currency Coin Coins themselves, earning back some through a compensation plan.

Affiliates who recruit a new member, and provided that the new member make a purchase of Global Currency Coin Coins, the recruiter will receive 10% of the total purchase as bonus. But becoming an affiliate itself costs a hefty sum of €188 at the lowest level, up to €2888 at the highest level. However, the highest level offers a 3D Printer as bonus. Signing up as an affiliate will give access to all the 3D and Marketing material.

Furthermore, affiliates are also offered an unspecified cash bonus on a monthly basis, limited to affiliates who have at least the lowest level down-line, titled the ‘Pearl’ level.For those willing to spend €1888 to acquire the Gold-level affiliate membership, there is a prospect of receiving a share of company profits, though exact details of the earnings are not specified.

Is Global Currency Coin Legit or Scam?

The EcoSystem 24 store offered by Global Currency Coin appears to be an interesting concept, but no conclusion can yet be reached on its actual feasibility as it is currently under development. Overall, there seems to be a great lack of information regarding the functioning of Global Currency Coin. A great deal of promises and claims are made, but no real solid information to back them up. There is also no method available to actually spend the Global Currency Coin, as the supposed online store supporting Global Currency Coin is still under development. It might be worth actually waiting for more solid information and details to come through before engaging with Global Currency Coin.

NOTE: Global Currency coin has crashed.  Warning.

Tidom Review – Legit Or Scam

Welcome to my Tidom Inc review! If you happen to search online for big-ticket opportunities, you may have read about Tidom. Well, who doesn’t want something that can provide a financial security or stability? But is it really worth considering Tidom as a big-ticket to earn more and gain financial freedom? Let’s get the ball rolling and know more about Tidom.


Tidom Inc. – brilliantly shortened from Time Freedom, is one of the big-ticket opportunity programmes that appear to be all the rage today, or so they would have you believe. There appears to be no specific information about the founder and operator of this program, but plenty of information about the plans and products being offered. Already off to a bad start.

How Tidom MLM system works

Big-ticket opportunities, such as Tidom are exactly what they appear by name – you have to purchase a heftily priced ticket (starting from $2,000 in Tidom) in exchange for the ability to become a representative. The earning opportunity here is inviting other people to purchase membership under your referral.

The return – a total 100% percent. That’s right! If someone joins under you, there is a hefty $2,000 in earning for you. Alongside the representative certificate, Tidom also provides a number of informative courses on personal health (For what reason?) and marketing tools, including a specialized marketing suite to help representatives get started on the earning part. Further, optional marketing features such as calling features are available at monthly subscription. Each level of membership provides greater number of courses and benefits.

The basic membership for joining Tidom is $2,000, though Tidom also charges a one-time commission of $195 for their own service. There are five other plans that get progressively expensive, the final being VIP at $22,000 + $495.Anyone on this package stands to earn $22,000 from each sale. There are no other monthly charges or subscription to sustain a membership.

So, is Tidom legit or scam?

This program certainly appears to work – and has even managed to acquire a number of followers and fans. Regardless, severe caution would be advised against this company given the lack of information regarding the founder and establishment, exactly what are they hiding? It may be advisable to withhold your investment decision for a more transparent organization.

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