Side hustle ideas: Selling on eBay as a side hustle – Sneaker Arbitrage

We're releasing a series of videos on the best side income business ideas, side hustles you can start for extra money on the side of your regular job. We offer a step by step business model and a full cash flow spreadsheet in Google Sheets to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.

In this video we cover selling on eBay as a side hustle, giving you tips and tricks on how to start a sneaker reselling business for beginners, buying and selling shoes and sneakers on eBay.

* Exactly how it works, step-by-step
* How to start
* Some of the risks involved
* How to scale it bigger and bigger
* We take you through a spreadsheet I’ve put together showing you in detail how you can end up, conservatively, making $2,500 to $5,000 extra income in the next 12 months using this method

**Get a copy of the business model cash flow spreadsheet:**
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Chris Johnson's original tweet that inspired this video – go watch:

00:00 Introduction to Sneaker arbitrage – selling on ebay as a side hustle
01:07 Store cost vs eBay cost – arbitrage explained
01:46 Step by step business model
02:49 Example start-up costs
03:10 Margins and income
03:45 Time investment needed
04:43 Risks with this model
05:38 Cash flow spreadsheet in Google Sheets
11:38 Ideas for scaling the business
13:48 Grab a copy of the cash flow spreadsheet for yourself

Further information from us:

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