Zilis: Legit or Scam?

Welcome to my Zilis review! You may have heard of this company from a friend you bumped in a grocery store or from a stranger in a coffee shop. More often than not, these people have gift of tongue to convince you and trigger your curiosity about the product. Now, let’s try to look deeper about Zelis.

zilis review

Zilis Overview

A direct sales and MLM company focusing on the Health and Wellness niche, dubbed as both ‘The Solution’ and ‘Compassionate Capitalism.’ Zilis is a for-profit company with a mission to eradicate child malnutrition around the world. In order to achieve this mission, Zilis has developed its own unique solvable powder formula packed with vital vitamins, minerals and other nutrition elements that can cure malnutrition in children under an affordable price tag.

This will have a strong appeal to people who feel driven to make a difference in the world – which is exactly what you want in a leader.

Here is their mission:

Launched on 17th August, 2015 and headquartered in Texas, United States of America. Zilis is owned and operated by prominent entrepreneur Steven Thompson, who apparently commands plenty of prior experience of operating in the direct sales industry. However, there appears to be a lack of information on possible co-founders. Furthermore, even the information available on Steven Thompson appears terribly lacking.

steven thompson zilis owner

The official Zilis website is here.

Zelis Multi-level Marketing System

The main product in offer by Zilis is its powder formula that is constituted by so much nutritional wealth that daily administration could eradicate malnutrition in a child. Steven Thompson gained inspiration for Zilis after being touched by consequences of child malnutrition, as well as the economic hardships faced by healthy individuals across America and the globe.

There are two ways to contribute towards the Zilis mission; become either an ambassador or partner. A partner is simply an individual who wishes to financially support the cause by purchasing $19.99 30-Days Nutritional pack, which would sponsor one child for a month-long nutrition drive (It is recommended by Zilis that each child receive two consecutive months of administration in order to remove malnutrition). Keep in mind that because Zilis is a Limited Liability Company with profiting interests, you are only making a purchase that would be directly sent to malnutrition camps.

In order to make an earning, prospective earners will first need to become ambassadors. Zilis offers four membership packages; starting from a $99 basic enrolment and lasting up to $1049 Gold Pack (which also provides 50 Nutritional packs to children afflicted with malnutrition). Ambassadors who successfully recruit new ambassadors and partners to Zilis are compensated under three earning streams.

The first stream is recruitment bonus, which is received upon a successful purchase by the recruited ambassador. The second stream provides bonus whenever a recruited ambassador make a new purchase in the future, and lastly, the third stream is the residual bonus, which is earned whenever the recruited ambassador recruits a new ambassador (the purchases made by the second-tier ambassadors will provide a bonus as well).

Here is a webinar explaining the Zilis Opportunity:

Is Zelis a scam?

Despite being identical to all other similar wellness programs, and the cliché back-story, the Zilis mission still appears interesting. If you are a prospective investor, Zilis looks promising enough to be worth considering. However, stay cautious of the poor public information at display (Who is the team? Who prepares the powder? Where has the owner worked before? Where does it all go? Who is benefitting?). The lack of transparency is only detrimental to the company’s humanitarian cause. In conclusion, it may be more beneficial to check for alternatives in the wellness sector who are more transparent and open about their business.

Time will tell if Zelis will be a true contender.

Zilis CBD oil

Zilis is one of the leaders in CBD oil for pain management.

Here is a video that gets into the science behid the CBD oil produced by Zilis:

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  1. not sure how hard you looked, but here is a history on Steven Thompson. He and his wife own the company outright and there are no other founders.


    • Andrew Murray says:

      Thanks for pointing that out, John.

    • Yes there are, because I am one.( founding partner) But it is an old worn out MLM system. They want you to believe they are modeling their company after Amazon. There is no comparison at all. Steven admits that only the top 25 people will be the only ones to ever make any real money. He also admits they only expect the average person to recruit two or three others. Therefore you have to recruit four people and those four have to recruit four before you will make any money at all. No one ever gets in to buy the great overpriced products. They get in, in hopes of recruiting other people to get in. They blackmail you into buying their products on a continuity basis or you lose your ambassador status. Depending on your level of ambassadorship, you may have to purchase $100. dollars per month,. Granted there are a couple of products that I might continue to buy, but not at being blackmailed into it.

      • Andrew Murray says:

        Thanks Joe Doe for being so candid about Zilis. There are many compensation plans that use breakage to NOT pay commissions. It seems that most of these MLM companies are based on hype and false comparisons. Amazon is an exception as they are really about low margins and deep market penetration.

      • I bought into the founder position- Be on guard with your emotional financial decision to buy in at any level. I trusted and was told by sponseors all the wonderful advantages of the position and that $$$ would be made quickly and easily, that they already had people to put under me. I later found that they may have put people under me but those people didn’t make $$ for me, they were on a different line that went directly to the sponsors, I had to get 4 people and they had to get 4 people, etc…. When they say they are putting people under you that means they have a downward line that is the team, they all make $$ for the sponsors. This is why they don’t call it a pyramid type selling. The statement that only a few will make the big $$$ is true. The Free Jeep offer is not free!! There are requirements and costs in order to keep the Jeep. If you buy into a position You are required to keep up a monthly $100.00 quota to stay in that position no matter if you paid $1,500.00 or $500.00. I was given different bearable guidelines and financial information even from what was in the contract. Keep good documentation of who you talk to, dates, and what they told you. I used emails and texted messages. Words of CAUTION…. know one makes big $$$ without selling positions. If this is their only income they Need to make $$$ which we all know puts an element of desperation and pressure into selling positions, not product. Do your homework, don’t respond emotionally. Don’t believe what your told , get copies of the contract read throughly !!! Don’t just take the word of your sponsor. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is. I do like some of the products, but again look at what works for you there are no miracle products. Don’t buy into a position just to get a better price on products, you will most likely spend more than if you just purchased products at the normal price. What they don’t tell you when you buy into a position is that you have to purchase $100.00 of product THEN pay shipping costs on top of that, which can get expensive due to the weight of the product and where they have to ship it from. Not a fan of the business practice, but I like some products.

      • Warning…..

        Zilis is a Multi-Level Marketing Pyramid Scheme that requires a minimum of $1,355.76 yearly buy-in, to remain an Active Ambassador. An Active Ambassador is eligible to receive compensation in the form of commissions from signing up New Ambassadors. If an Ambassador is not Active, the Ambassador forfeits their commissions from signing up New Ambassadors.

        In other words, in order to receive compensation on the people, an Ambassador signs up, its necessary to be on “Autoship” for $99.99 per month plus shipping 12.99. If you’re not on “Autoship” but manually order $99.99 per month plus shipping 12.99, you are not considered an Active Ambassador. As a result, no paid commissions on your new recruits. This is bad business practice and ethics. Any Ambassador that makes a sale, should be compensated for their investments in making their sale (i.e., fuel, time, marketing).

        Additionally, Zilis gouges their Ambassadors on all shipping. The shipping of a single 1oz bottle that should cost no more than $5, however, Zilis charges $12.99 at the minimum.

        A great alternative to Zilis is Liv Labs. Their version of an Active Ambassador is $47 per year vs Zilis’ $1,199.88 plus shipping $155.88 totalling $1,355.76 dollars.

        You have been warned.

    • There are Founders, and to become one, you have to spend over $1500 on their “Founder’s Package”. After you sign up, they constantly try to sway you into investing more money into more expensive packages. This was their most expensive one. They claim you will earn 1% of all sales commissions in the US, but AFTER you pay the $1500, in order to actually qualify for the 1%, you have to spend over $100 a month on their products w/ very high shipping costs. Oh. And you get a Founders Pin to wear. Stay away from this company, and donate to a credible charity instead.

      • Andrew Murray says:

        Thanks John for letting us know. It’s a shame this side is hidden. Thanks for exposing it.

      • Theresa Yarbrough says:

        This is not true. I went into Zilis as a founder. I have never been pushed to spend another dime. I have, however been mentored in the art of becoming a millionaire within this company and intend to do just that. This is not a company that will work for the procastinator or the lazy. As in any business situation only those who aim high and work hard at realizing their goals will rise triumphant at the top. There’s an old adage that says, “There’s always room at the top.” That will always remain true because most people fail by not beginning. Don’t be one of those people. See ya at the top!

      • Strongly agree!!!!!

      • Beth Journeay says:

        Why won’t you give your real name John Doe?

    • Susan Pennacchia says:

      I recently tried the CBD oil, which is water soluble, so you therefore get 95-100% benifits. The others on the market are proving to give5-10% benifit. I have irritable bowel, I go normal now. I sleep more soundly then I have in years, my fibromyalgia was controlled with lyrica and now my dose, in only3 weeks is once a day. My Mom who had trouble going is finally going
      Her padgets is not hurting her as much and she took a fall6 days before I got the product and I would love to share her photo of before and after. Bruising on her whole face that should have taken months to heal are gone after2 weeks. The Ultracell is proving to be amazing in so many ways!!! I am an ambassador. I truly believe the Ultracell is something all can use for so many ailments
      It seems to go where one needs it the most which I have found quite amazing!!! Its a pyramid for sure, but with all the benefits to providing a better health, I truly believe it is going to skyrocket and the people getting in now will be at the bottom earning and or using for free or with profit. Check it out 😉

  2. They say they’re gonna be the next Amazon of health and wellness. I’ll believe it when i see it, but right now the prices are ridiculously high and shipping charges are even worse (and it takes forever to ship). The people in the company are good. Good at tweaking the truth to get you to spend money. They make it sound soooo easy to make bunches of money and get a free Jeep once you’re high enough in the company. Yes, some of the products are great but other ones come with their own issues. And it makes no sense that some of their products can be found on Amazon FOR CHEAPER (you’re not gonna be the health and wellness of Amazon doing that).

    Also, they claim to match every $25 you spend to provide nutrition packs to malnourished children in Haiti. It’s pretty hard to prove this true (or false) but nothing in this company seems to be about the kids. It’s about them making money and convincing you to join via expensive start up packages and then get you to buy $100+ of stuff every single month to even get your commissions (like, what?). You’re better off working a minimum wage job, you’ll make more money that way.

  3. “Hidden” , “exposed”. I too am a founding partner in this amazing company. This company has been built on pure Honesty and Integrity! Nothing hidden, Yes I spend 100$ a month as a founder on the best products on the market at discounted savings that I use everyday anyways. AND lets not forget that there is always a 30 day nutrition packet sent to malnourished children in Haiti for every $25 spent automatically. This company has already sent over 100 mil daily servings since March of 2016! more than Unicef did in all of 2016. We are changing lives here and In Haiti and there is no other company with as much INTEGRITY, HONESTY and HEART as this one. The mentoring and leadership with Steven Thompson and Dr. Derrick Desilva is second to NONE!

    • Andrew Murray says:

      Hi Brandy.

      Thanks for sharing a different opinion. Have you met personally with Steven Thompson and Dr. Derrick Desilva?

      • Yes I Have personally on many occasions! And the integrity of both men are second to none. Steven and Dr Derrick Desilva are completely invested for all the RIGHT reasons in this company. I’m truly blessed to be a founding partner.

        • Danielle says:

          “Brandy” if this company is invested for all the right reasons, why is it you tell potential ambassadors that the company is all about the children, THEN explain after they sign up that, “No one is interested in helping children. Customers only care about the products and saving money. So focus on selling the products. ” Also, why is shipping so ridiculously high? I still have the 50 cent envelope stamped with $2 postage that I paid $8 to your company to have shipped.

          I’d also like to note “I” have spoken with “Brandy” on several occasions (I recognize her usual “key” selling words in her reply), and she is personally mentored by Steven because she is one of his first ambassadors and a top player in the company. She isn’t an average ambassador like those of us sharing our upset. In fact, she, her husband, and Steven are extremely close friends.

      • Yes , Steven is a highly successful and recognized salesman. Do your homework!!!

        • Andrew Murray says:

          Successful and recognized do not signify trust necessarily. If you have something substantive to put towards this, please do. I try to be as fair as possible.

  4. Roger Alan says:

    This is certainly a company and founder to be wary of. I was recruited by Steven Thompson years ago in a company called Zrii. After getting started with Steven I quickly discovered that he had no real interest in working with me or guiding me through building a strong ethical team. In fact, Steven told me after being brought in that I would be working with another member that didn’t recruit me. When I made it to a certain level I would then be working with Steven. Mr Thompson flies under the radar because he jumps from company to company when they start up. After he has recruited enough people and receives compensation for it he goes to another company. And the majority of the time the products of MLM companies are not Federally tested for FDA approval. Is this product FDA approved? He is also a top producer of an energy provider in Texas. I would research to see if he is still part of that company. I see Steven starting this company and then bowing out when his pockets are filled. Be very cautious of this company due to the owners reputation of bailing out when it suits him.

    • Andrew Murray says:

      Thanks for sharing your insights Roger. I’ll look into it.

    • John Doe responding says:

      Roger you appear to be like others on this page that do not do very good research. There are multiple Steven Thompsons in network marketing. This Steven Thompson happens to own this company so he is very vested. The “founders” referenced above are not really founding partners of the company, but members of a “Founders Club” for the first 500 people to buy into that club with benefits. So back to my very original post, this company is founded by Steven and Angie alone and have no other investors or partners as far as the company goes.

  5. John Doe responding says:

    As for the shipping comment, this is very true and is a work in progress. As a current ambassador I am not happy with my shipping charges, but they are refunding portions of those to all ambassadors and are working to get it right. This is a major flaw in their system and hopefully it will be corrected soon. The products, however, cannot normally be found on Amazon for cheaper if they are being sold legally as we have very specific agreements with our brand partners to sell their products for less than or equal to their advertised price. This includes their products being sold on Amazon. If you find a product being sold for cheaper on Amazon I would suggest you email info@zilis.com and report it because it is not being sold legitimately from an authorized seller.

  6. The Truth Teller says:

    It is simpley a very sly pyramid scheme simple built on recruiting people and getting paid on packages .Their hemp might save them from being turned in to the federal trade commission but people are finding out .They are not publicly traded and can dissolve in front of your eyes .Most products are overpriced and under researched .Lets talk about the few who do make money ,they usually have been in other MLM companies and just bring their sphere of influence with them to start the process over again and tell you the same story over and over and over again .Have you drank the kool aid yet ?

    • Andrew Murray says:

      What is the deal with the hemp issue and the FTC? Sounds like troubled waters ahead. Can you elaborate on what’s going on with Zilis?

  7. I have a ticket for you if you would like to go to an event March 24, 2018 at 9am at the Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel. You can then see for yourself. I am on Ultra Cell made by Zilis and it is changing my life as well as many others. This is not just any cbd oil which has 1 component in it as compared to Ultra Cell which has 400 components. Steven Thompson and Dr. Derrick DeSilva will be attending this event. Thank You

  8. Hands Down says:

    Unfortunately, I “drank the kool aid” (bought the highest package) before seeing their under-the-radar pyramid tactics and unethical behaviors. At least one “higher-up” (c0-founder) and several in their downline have been receiving Ultracell and Seven Hemp product free and selling it cheap on eBay. Zilis policy specifically states no selling on eBay, and by the way, there is proof. While others on eBay have received non-compliance warning notices forcing them to remove their postings from eBay, a handful of individuals (all within the same area), continue to sell boatloads. This is triple-dipping. Free product, free volume, and total profit even though it is sold at a low price. On top of this, there are rumors that doctors are getting free product and other perks as well. When this was reported ambassadors were told they shouldn’t be concerned about it and that their focus should be on getting new members. Since many individuals sign up on emotions they are unaware of what’s going on. Hence, it hasn’t gotten to FTC…yet. In addition, a majority of new ambassadors don’t understand anything about binary MLM or left and right leg/compensation plan. Meetings are hype and testimonials. Part of the perk of an ambassador is being able to buy the product at wholesale cost. This is impossible because the wholesale price is higher than what you can buy it for on eBay and that’s not counting the over-the-top shipping costs. Yes, they still charge high shipping costs. I’m not easily conned on most things but this has left me feeling like I was duped big time. Bottom line, there are a whole lot of ambassadors generating automatic monthly shipments to help a select handful of individuals at the top get filthy rich.

    • Andrew Murray says:

      It certainly seems there is very differing opinions about Zilis.
      I appreciate everyone who shares their opinion either positive or negative as it helps other potential members or customers of Zilis to make a more informed decision.

    • Your bottom line is well put. The auto ship is what is making those on top wealthy. If you are in Zilis, cancel your auto ship, you do not need one to buy at their wholesale prices. This is what they don’t want ambassadors to know-you don’t need an auto ship. If you are selling their product, then you are probably buying enough volume-that counts as your auto ship. Better yet, just look at other companies that sell cbd oil. There are a lot of great oils out there that work better than Zilis oil and all it’s artificial ingredients. We don’t need all the stuff added to the oil. It’s doesn’t need to be water soluble. Guys, cbd is powerful, it works! It works in it’s natural state-as an oil-not transformed into a water soluble artificially infused supplement.

      • Andrew Murray says:

        Thanks MJ. Where do you find the best CBD oil?

      • Susan Delikat says:

        You need to do some research on water soluble vs. oil. There is a reason castor oil used to given years ago to kids with constipation. Oil goes through your system with very little absorbed. So many of the CBD oils only give you 6-10% of the benefit. Our bodies are mostly made of water. So yes you did obtain much more of any nutrient if water soluble vs. oil. https://cbdoilreview.org/water-soluble-cbd/

      • I’m curious to know what CBD oils you think are better than this one? My husband has tried a couple and he said the results with Zilis was better than the other brand. Would like to look at our options.

        • There are several quality cbd companies out there. Do a Google search for “cbd oil reviews”. When it comes to buying online, the key is research and education!
          We went with a product called “cbdMD. We do not have any business interest or affiliation with this company. We are consumers only.

  9. MJ
    I have been with Zilis for one year since they launched CBD oil. They made an agreement with purhealthrx to exclusively carry the 7 hemp/cbd oil. Then after seeing the success of 7, decided to make their own cbd oil-I guess for better profit margins. Now Zilis mentions nothing about 7, it’s all about their own brand. This was a very dirty thing to do in business because purhealthrx signed a contract to only sell their cbd oil to Zilis. Now Zilis doesn’t even promote 7. I have sold both cbd products for Zilis and I have to say, customers repeatedly come back for 7, not UltraCell. I suggest-have your own certificate of analysis (COA) on UltraCell, you can send it to any lab and pay a minimal fee. See if UltrCell really is Full Spectrum, see if it REALLY has what the label claims. Zilis appears to be shady in their business practices, customer service is lacking, shipping is premium charges, items do ship fast now but the shipping charge is outrageous, sometimes they charge tax, sometimes not, and there appears to be lack of transparency in their claims of paying it forward. Their cbd products have an unusually high amount of ingredients which we do not need. Preservatives? No other cbd oils have this. Here’s the thing, cbd is great and is packed with health benefits. It works in the oil form the best! I have tried all formulations-oil and water soluble-the oil formulations works faster and the dose is a fraction of Zilis’ dose. Zilis requires high doses 1ml because there are so many additives in their product. The key to getting cbd to work for you is sublingual absorption. Placing drops under the tongue no matter if it’s oil or water soluble oil, it works. This supplement should cost about $20/month for one to consume, but MLM companies like Zilis want to charge $149/month. Wow! Remember if you are paying these high prices for oil, you are not paying for the best product, you are paying for bonuses, Jeeps, commissions etc. I don’t know about you but I do not have it in my budget to pay someones car payment. Go to your local health food store and buy cbd oil-any brand. Find one that’s about $20-$40 dollars-it all works!! Many blessings and well days ahead

    • Southern Gal says:

      Mary, Thank you for this information. Of all of the comments your’s was definitely the most helpful to me. I am only interested in the product I don’t care about becoming a salesman for them. I still see all MLMs as “network marketing schemes” they can change the name but they’re still the same.
      I have noticed several reviews of Ultra Cell and they do state there aren’t any third party test results available, this is concerning. Although I am only interested in the Ultra Cell product, these reviews have really made me wonder if I want to give $150 a month to a shady company that seems to lack integrity and transparency.

      • Jeff Buhrt says:

        Per Indiana’s July 1st 2018 law each batch is tested by an independent lab, ex: . Also the May Clinic did a study on UltraCell’s bio-availability https://extranet.securefreedom.com/Zilis/Personal/Resources/Feb2018UltraCellFullStudy.pdf
        There are other studies as well.

        As for Andrew’s question of ‘only time will tell…’ UltraCell is now the #1 hemp derived CBD product.

        • Jeff Buhrt
          Your first link is a dead end.
          Your second link, which you claim to be an independent “Mayo Clinic” study is the study done by Zilis’ own medical board and supervised by Dr. DeSilva Jr. , the head of that board. He is on Zilis’ payroll.

        • Jeff Burht:
          “Ultra Cell is now the #1 hemp derived CBD product.”
          Clarification is needed for this statement. #1 in what way?

        • There is no mention of the May Clinic on the study.
          Furthermore, Zilis funded 100% of this study.

    • Sam Patterson says:

      If it’s pure oil sublingual matters not , the bioavailability will take place in your kidneys & liver or it won’t and the mayo study made it clear : 20’patirnrs blood drawn every hour hour for 12 hours , results were consistent amongst patients , bioavailibility for 12 hours at 83-94 %!.

  10. My sister is gung ho about this product and gave me the seven day bottle. after taking it for 4 days, I was running to the bathroom trying not to wet myself. I have no health problems. This was very upsetting. My mother also experienced this and couldn’t sleep having to go to the bathroom several times in the middle of the night.

  11. I’ve been trying diligently to find where this Zilis CBD oil is processed. I cannot find or locate where it’s manufactured and bottled. Does anyone know?

    • Karla:
      This is what people are saying about this company. A lack of transparency. Go to other cbd oil sites and compare. The legitimate ones list their mg’s clearly on the label. They tell you where their hemp comes from (in writing) They offer C.O.A.’s (certificate of analysis) from INDEPENDENT 3RD PARTY LABS). Anyone can say their product is organic, usa grown, ect, ect. But Ultra Cell puts nothing in writing on their website! And their product is NOT all natural.

  12. I think there is real confusion about the concept of “founder”. The author states “However, there appears to be a lack of information on possible co-founders. “, then pile of people just in to say “I’m a co-founder” and more to this day who seem to be saying something like “I just signed up to be a founder!”.. But wait.. Please correct me if I am wrong but the FOUNDERS the author talked about are those few people who actually STARTED THE COMPANY. This is an entirely different concept.. If this is correct, then the authors assessment of “there appears to be a lack of information on possible co-founders.” is still absolutely true.

    • Andrew Murray says:

      Great point, John.

      The business owner (aka founders) often sell “founder” positions because it makes the distributor feel ownership with the company and part of it in a way that is more marketing-slang than anything else.

      That’s one thing I don’t like about this industry.

  13. julian kroin says:

    As a retired drug research chemist, I have a question about ‘full spectrum’ versus single component CBD oil. In principle, one of the jobs of a pharmaceutical chemist is to isolate the active ingredient or ingredients of a bioactive prep be it synthetic or found in nature, and test each component individually. The FDA would not let us sell a drug that was a mix of stuff some of who’s properties were unknown.. CBD oil, I assume, does not get approved by the FDA. Perhaps ‘full spectrum’ oil is indeed a better product than a purified prep, but it is certainly a cheaper way to go and in our business would be considered impure and unacceptable.’Full spectrum’ sounds like a euphemism for ‘impure.’ I can’t comment on CBD oil other than I tried a free sample of UltraCell and it tasted like orange and did little, if anything for muskoskeletal pain from outdoor injuries. I’m willing to try it again (gratis) which should happen this week. Ibuprofen is a lot cheaper..

    • Andrew Murray says:

      Hi Julian.

      Thanks so much for sharing your technical expertise in this area. We have to be careful of companies that use deceptive or misleading wording.

    • Julian
      They do sell cbd oil isolates. Full spectrum is being promoted as using all the cannabinoids, as the other components may be showing promise for medicinal purposes. I hadn’t thought of it as a “cheaper” way to produce the product. Thanks for that prospective.

    • Sam Patterson says:

      Go ahead hammer your kidneys with Aleve or ibuprofin , end up on dialysis . You may need to modify your dosage . Full spectrum simply means all of the phytocannabinoids from the plant where the benefits come from . ZiLis CBD is usda certified organic meaning the plant & the soil are purely organic .

  14. On further examination, I did find some C.O.A.’s on the Zilis site. I retract my last statement and apologize for my mistake.

  15. I just saw the products advertised on Amazon for cheaper.

    • Andrew Murray says:

      That is likely the case. Often MLM products are available for under-price sold by distributors who were forced to order too much product in order to qualify for commissions. Good option for customers, but keep in mind the expiry dates might not be as far into the future.

  16. Sam Patterson says:

    Sounds like to me here a lot of cry babies who don’t like or believe in a net working model (where anyone can shoot the moon) and they want to dog the founders because they are successful and the critics are not .

    FYI , Steven Thompson and his team helped write the Hemp Act portion of the Farm Bill , almost single handedly wrote it .

    Sure as a young company seizing an incredible opportunity in a VERY fast growing industry they have growing Pains but they are dotting the Is & crossing the Ts , make some minimal mistakes but rectify .

    I know Steven Thompson ; have 20 years ; he’s doing it right & giving others whatever Oppty they want to seize with a great product … too bad unfair haters here ; this is. Win win fir everyone except the cry babies

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