Zija Review

Zija Review

Setting up your own business is now becoming more popular mainly because of current economic conditions and lack of job opportunities. Though idea of being a business owner is definitely inspiring and rewarding, but many people do not realize that there are numerous difficulties and challenges that must be overcome in order to become successful. In this Zija review, we will explain more about the company, its products, the compensation plan and the legitimacy of this business opportunity.

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We'll look into Zija and see if Zija is a scam – or a potentially profitable business opportunity in this third-party, unbiased review.

The Zija Opportunity Overview

Zija International was founded by Kenneth Brailsford in the year 2004, but its network marketing division was not introduced until 2006. Brailsford has over 34 years of experience in network marketing and has specialization in herbal medicine industry. The foundation of this company is built on miracle tree called Moringa that has been scientifically proven its worth as a wonder cure for many ailments. It also helps in improving the health of person to a great extent.

Brailsford was first to introduce various herbs in capsule form in the 1970's and is often referred to as the “Pioneer of Herbal Encapsulation”. He has put together a strong team including Michael Hershberger and Rodney Larsen. The organization works on some core values such as financial wellness, health and empowerment.

The Zija Products: Moringa?


The Zija Product Line  The wide range of Zija products include weight loss supplements, nutritional drinks and various skin care products. The company website has extensive information and research data on various health benefits of using various minerals, antioxidants, Moringa extracts and omega oils. All those who are interested in shedding weight, improving their health, or having better skin have a clear advantage with Zija range of products.

zija moringa treeThough Zija offers wide range of health care products, but its foundation remains Moringa tree. It was discovered by Brailsford when he was watching the Discovery Channel. This wonder tree was until then unknown, but was revered by all ancient civilizations. Brailsford was successful in combining this ingredient in the Zija products with the help of scientists. As per the information on the company site, each of their product has a balance of nutrients, amino acids, and anti-oxidants that can successfully treat more than 300 wellness problems. Well, the real way to test the efficacy of this claim is by using the products yourself.

All the products of company are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, plant proteins and vital nutrients. The blend is available in various types of sachets, capsules, cans, skin care products and powder.  How are Zija products sold?  All the Zija products are sold though network marketing where members approach their family members, friends, and other routes to make them consumers or distributors of company's products.

The Zija Compensation Plan: Review

The Comp Plan  It is possible for you to start as Zija distributor at any of the three price points that may vary from $200 to $1200. You receive more products at the higher price point and you can sell then off at their retail value and keep the proceeds. Currently there are 8 mean to generate profits as a Zija representative, one is by retailing products. The other methods include earning commissions and bonuses when you recruit more distributors. For instance, you have an excellent option of Builder Bonus that pays you $30 each time you assist a member in your downline to become a builder, which is the second rank in the company.

There are total of thirteen ranks in Zija. In essence, for generating tons of greenbacks in the company, you can definitely push more products, but you also earn more by building an efficient network that works fast.  Issues With The Zija Compensation Program  One of the main issues with developing your downline is that many MLM companies tell their members to use referral marketing , which involves calling your friends and relatives and introducing this home business opportunity to them. However, this technique alone won't work, as you will have to be innovative in taking your Zija opportunity to the next level.

Some of the most successful network marketers in this business use online marketing techniques to build their MLM, business and this is true in case of Zija business opportunity as well.

Zija MLM Opportunity Overview

Is Zija a Profitable Business Opportunity for a Distributor?  Well, given the highly promising range of health products offered by Zija, and the integrity and commitment of the founders, there is no doubt that this product has a place in the market and consumers can definitely benefit from the Zija product range.  However, whether it is possible to make good income from this opportunity or not depends upon the abilities of the distributor.

The commission plan of the company, as with other network marketing companies is quite complex and multi level. For instance, if positioned correctly, Zija distributor gets an opportunity to earn more than $500 a week plus 15 percent commissions. These earnings go on increasing as one climbs up the ladder to Leadership, Senior Leadership, Diamond Executive and Diamond Elite leading to even more earnings. Company offers structured support in the form of free ongoing training to help the distributors in becoming the top earners within a short period of time.

Zija Review Summary

In conclusion, all those who are interested in joining this unique and lucrative business opportunity offered by Zija should remain confident that they are joining a viable and strong company that has unlimited growth and financial opportunities that are still untapped. Successfully marketing a global product that has scientifically proven its worth and also improves your health is a best combination available to distributors of this company. Aside from that, health and wellness sector is one of the fastest growing ones in the world, so there is a great scope of growth for Zija.

Huge success is possible if people joining this company used online marketing system as it gives the cutting edge technology and training to build their business right from the comfort of their office or home. By bringing your business online, you can also brand yourself as a leader in this industry and earn huge income from the people who may otherwise never join your opportunity. If done in a proper way you will improve your chances of success and will be well on your way to a six-figure income with Zija!

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