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About Trivita – The Company

TriVita is MLM Company established in 1999 by Michael Ellison, present CEO of the company. TriVita works on the fundamental of MLM – multi level marketing strategy commonly known as network marketing or referral marketing or pyramid marketing. In this kind of business plan, individual sales person works for the company i.e. he/she does all the marketing and sale for the company for which they are paid commission derived on the basis of volume of product sold. Associates of sales team in an MLM company are called distributors, dealers and advisors. MLM company's associates are not only liable to get commission for selling company's products but are also paid for recruiting other distributors to form hierarchy of distributors that actually can increase customer base.

trivitaTriVita has solution for each and every health concern of yours. TriVita is based on 3 major pillars i.e. the right information, the right products and the right opportunity. TriVita believes in imparting right knowledge about wellness products and their healing touch through its different publications, newsletters, interactive wellness center, video clip, audio tracks, editorials and even real incidents. TriVita wants to heal end user with soothing touch and so their products are manufactured on the basis of expert formulae. Ingredients are used in natural form to fortify products with best nutrients. Company gives a 60 day absolute contentment guarantee. Through its products, the company renders end user with mental, physical and spiritual wellness and through its business strategy; it renders fiscal liberty to those who join the company as associates.

TriVita Products

The foundational product of Trivita is the Nopalea juice – or cactus juice.  Trivita's Nopalea is supposed to be quite good for inflamation.  And sources have told me it tastes OK at best.  I also spoke to a source who found it did work on his inflamation, but he had to take extremely large doses to the tune of $300 a month – which is higher than the recommended autoship.

It's certainly worth a try if you are suffering from inflamation.

trivitaTriVita's wellness products are beneficial for all age groups and genders. TriVita has products to heal everyone from a small child to an elderly old person. The products of TriVita are bifurcated in four categories i.e.Foundational Nutrition products: As the name suggest, foundational nutrition wellness products aims at rejuvenating the routine health of an individual. These products deliver an individual with basic nutrients in the form of supplements that are required for fundamental building blocks like products enriched with Vitamin C, Omega oil, Vitamin B 12, Vitamin D, multi vitamins and even products enriched with goodness of fruits and vegetables.

Targeted Nutrition products: As the name says, again targeted nutrition products are meant to meet the requirement of specific deficiency found in an individual. Line of 30 products are developed to treat different ailments like loss of energy, cardiovascular discomfort, higher cholesterol levels, stress, alleviated levels of blood sugar, swing in mood, weak eyesight, sleeplessness and loss of mental focus.

Weight Loss products: Today everyone wants to achieve that dream physique and TriVita offers products to meet requirements of losing weight. Weight loss products developed by TriVita can match different requirements of the crowd through its range of 3 different types of products i.e. fat burning tablets that fights with bulge on your body, Tasty chews for controlling appetite and delicious shakes that can work as nutritional low calorie supplement for people who are on diet.

Kid's products: Mothers always have a complaint regarding the eating habits of their kids which results in lack of fundamental nutrition that is needed for healthy development of a child. Children's wellness product introduced by TriVita aims at providing beneficial nutrients, essential vitamins and goodness of vegetables and fruits in the form of healthy supplement. The kid's product by TriVita is free of harmful colors, taste and sweeteners yet they are good to taste and kids love the yummy taste of the supplement.

The Trivita Compensation Plan

As a normal MLM company, TriVita has also a well defined and well planned compensation plan all set to benefit sales persons or distributors. As said earlier, distributors or affiliates are paid compensation in the form of commission. TriVita enrolls distributors free of cost, but for being eligible for compensation, distributor needs to maintain specific level of sales volume in the form of Vita points.

Vita points are number of points or marks associated with each product of TriVita. They are defined to calculate commission and level qualification. Other than vita points, an affiliate is also compensated for TGSV points – Total group sales volume points that are earned on the basis of volume of sales done by members recruited by distributor and their affiliates. Reward value for a distributor is a certain percentile to calculate actual compensation. Vita points and TGSV points jointly with reward value are used to calculate total commission.

As mentioned earlier, TriVita's compensation plan is designed to compensate distributors for their earnest efforts made to market and sell company's products and additional increase the company's sales force and customer base. As a distributor of TriVita's wellness products, an individual can earn more money through five different modes:

Fast bonus paid weekly: An affiliate member at TriVita can earn good amount of weekly bonus for first 60 days. Weekly bonus is calculated on the basis of sales volume achieved through purchases made by new and affiliate members acquired by the distributor as a part of his/her sales team. The weekly bonus compensates up to 70% and is distributed on the basis of rank of distributor.

Total group compensation paid monthly: On completion of first 60 days, monthly total group compensation becomes active and is calculated on the basis of member purchases and affiliate member's purchases. Distributor is not only paid for sales volume done by members and affiliate members recruited by him but is also paid for total group of members and affiliates up to 7 levels of hierarchy.

Leadership bonus paid monthly: TriVita believes in rewarding distributors who achieve career advancement. On achieving certain TGSV points, distributor is promoted at director level which can make him/her earn leadership bonus which is calculated on the basis of 7 tiers down line. Further career advancement in organization includes one, two and three star director and presidential director.

Rewards and recognition: Growth in career path can not only help a distributor to increase his/her compensation, but also gives better recognition and opportunities like attending company's special events and earn points for holiday trips to exotic destinations accompanied by company's vital field and corporate leaders. Other beneficial parts of TriVita's compensation plan include 60 day money back guarantee plan and co-operative advertising plan.

The Trivita “Buying Customers” Plan

Trivita had an interesting method of allowing distributors to “buy” customers.  So unlike doing your own marketing, it allowed investors to come in and buy customers.

This was actually quite effective if you got in early and bought aggressively.  I know at least 2 people who have been with the company for over 6 years who bought customers aggressively and now have a solid downline.   Both sought and recruited investors (who purchased large groups of customers.)  But this is no longer effective.

The price for customers has grown significantly, and the payouts and compensation plan have recently been changed.


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  1. The company manufactures a range of products and markets them in 4 categories – Foundational Nutrition, Targeted Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Children’s products.

  2. According to me these products are best, The Weight Loss range of products, as the name suggests, is meant for weight loss and the Children’s range delivers multivitamins.

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