TraVerus Review

TraVerus was founded by David Manning in Allen, Texas in the year 2006. TraVerus's objectives were to exploit the seven trillion dollar travel industry in a way that its distributors could also reap some profits. Traverus has now opened its doors to willing customers all over the world. TraVerus operates on a MLM based business model.

TraVerus MLM Review

Customers spend 10.9% of their money on travel and travel is the fastest growing business in e-commerce sector. Since travel industry is a booming industry with an annual growth of 23% worldwide, therefore considering all these factors Traverus has really good chances.

TraVerus also provides its members affordable trips to various destinations around the globe. These member trips are a very good opportunity for affiliates and their families to travel throughout the world.


How to Join Traverus?

Traverus has come up with two different packages one called the ‘Referral Travel Consultant' (RTC) which costs $179 and the other is ‘Certified Travel Consultant' (CTC) that costs $449.90. Both these plans have a monthly subscription fee of $59.95.

What to do in Traverus?

After joining as an agent in Traverus affiliates need to sell the travel packages to new customers as well as sponsor new affiliates. An affiliate is paid for the bookings done through him and his team.

The Traverus Compensation Plan

Their compensation plan is a 3-dimensional model. They have a 3×10 matrix wherein there are 59049 members under the top level affiliates. It means that a top level affiliate i.e. Presidential Executive will earn commission for the sales done by entire 59049 affiliates. The company pays the entire 80% of the business volume to its affiliates while the remaining 20 % is reserved for the car bonus of top executives.

There are 9 ways to earn with Traverus.

The major source of income is from an affiliate's personal sales. The commission rates for different products sold by affiliates are as follows:

Paycation vacation club sales= $25

Referral Travel consultants= $50

Certified travel consultants =$150

Another major source is coded bonuses which are given after the first two sales. The best part is that affiliates will be earning both personal as well as coded bonuses from their third sale. The coded bonuses vary from $5 for paycation vacation club sales to $40 for CTC sales.

The maximum residual matrix earnings are provided at the third level that is up to 15 % commission and a minimum of 5% at 10th level. The company allows the RTCs to earn 65% of the commission amount on each booking done through them whereas the CTAs earn about 75% per booking.

There is a residual business builder program that pays heavily. In this program if an affiliate can directly enroll more than six new members in his frontline then he is eligible for two bonuses one that will be paid as soon as he recruits the seventh member and other is paid after his seventh enrolled member recruits another six members. All the above mentioned bonuses are paid on either monthly or weekly basis.

Plank owner program:
Traverus has come up with a new plank owner program to boost the sales and to encourage the RTCs. In this plan all RTCs who qualify as plank owners will be getting a 1% commission in the net sales of the company. To qualify as a plank owner the RTCs must sponsor at least 3 new RTCs latest by 30th may 2012. Only the first 300 qualifying RTCs will be receiving the commissions.

The Traverus Products

Traverus has now entered two new business to expand their business even more. One is VOIP services and tele products while the other is health sector.

In partnership with the renowned ‘healthy and wellness labs', Traverus has entered into the health industry and is providing quality products for wellness during travel at very good prices. They are providing weight management systems, power drink mix and travel kits.

  • ‘Restore it' is a very useful product during travelling. It contains one immune bottle to overcome travel difficulties like jet lag and one spray used to balance the body's PH levels and moisten the dehydrated skin. Along with the bottle and spray there is a cleanser and moisturizing gel too. The immune bottles are available at a price of $12.
  • ‘Flaunt it' youth serums is an anti-aging cream to diminish wrinkles and fine lines by strengthening the skin. The product has been formulated from 24K gold ingredients which help in maintaining a glowing skin. The price of the product is $15.
  • ‘Charge it' gives a natural energy boost without any jitters. The everyday use of this product enhances not only the physical but also the mental health. The product is available in packets as well as shots form. The cost of 15 packets is $7 while the cost of 12 shots is $15.
  • ‘Lose it' are weight management systems whose retail prices are $69.95. The basic ingredients used for this product are herbs, plant extracts, amino acids and collagen. It basically helps to reduce calorie intake but at the same time provides only energy without fats. It can be used anytime, anywhere at home or during travel. It is recommended to take both the daytime and nighttime formula at the same time.

All these products are provided during the time of enrollments. The number of products given to any affiliate depends on the membership package bought by him. Here is a list of the membership options and the amount of products provided.Executive enrollment package priced $299.95-one pack each of all 4 productsRegional enrollment package priced$499.95 -two packsNational enrollment package priced $999.95- four packsInternational enrollment package priced $1999.95- seven packs

Is Traverus a Scam?

All of us are well aware of the huge potential of any home based business. This fact has been realized by the company and its 3d compensation plan is designed for supporting the affiliates. With all the member trips, quality products and business opportunities Traverus is certainly worth at least one try. But similar to all MLM there is no guarantee but an opportunity to make money. The amount of money that can be made is dependent on an agents marketing and hard work. Reports claiming Traverus a scam are false and this company is a 100% genuine company. With a strong leadership and good background Traverus is surely a very good business opportunity.

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  1. TraVerus Travel is an international travel company with an affiliation to agents in approx. 90 countries around the world. The company promotes travel opportunities in packages to individuals who seek travel opportunities and at the same time, desire to generate income promoting the opportunity to others.

  2. Traverus is the number 1 travel home business opportunity online today.

    • What makes you say Traverus the #1 travel business?

    • OK, this is a little crazy to me. why does he have another travel club company called paycation travel which is completely separated from this one. First of all travel is a huge industry with many to payout, infact the people working on cruise on mostly foreigners working extremely hard long hours on their feet and low pay hoping that they will make it up on tips mostly shared, wow. These so called special agent incentive travel prices I am sure are very limited. these travel clubs I think are like time share lots of hype

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