SendOutCards Review

SendOutCards Review

  • SendOutCards was started by Kode Bateman in 2004.
  • SendOutCards is based out of Utah.
  • Retail option 1 and 2 product was replaced by SOCBox which came out in 2009.
  • The focal product of this company for a network marketer to care about is The Wholesale Premium Package.
  • The package costs $398.00 for all the company has to offer plus an annual fee of $59 to take advantage of the opportunity which gives you the Entrepreneur’s Kit.


The Products of SendOutCards

SendOutCards is a greeting card service.  A customer would create their own personalized card (after choosing one of their many templates) and the company will create the physical card and send it out.  In addition, customers have the option to take advantage of the other features of this company such as send gifts with the greeting card, a managing account to remind you of important dates and more.  This of course is based which package you sign-up for.

The Compensation Plan

By selling the Wholesale Premium Package ($398) you receive a commission of $140.  Sell twelve of these accounts and you get promoted to “Manager” where each Premium Package sale gives you $240 plus a $100 bonus on those people your people bring in.  Next level is “Senior Manager” which entitles you to $290 a sale plus $150 bonus.  This goes on for 3 more levels.  Plus, you earn 30% on every greeting card and gift purchased.

Final Thoughts on SendOutCards

This company angle is to get people to be more personal.  Unfortunately in today’s world people value time and being personal takes too much time.  The business is an MLM but the main package is a one-time commission renewable with an annual $59 fee.  You’ll have to build a strong organization focused on recruiting to keep this going.

It’ll take a very specific type of person to want to use this service and or build a business around it.  However, the official website delivers a convincing pitch, the products and services are unique and are of good quality and the compensation plan is easy enough to understand.  The only problem I could possibly foresee with someone who I seriously marketing this business is not recruiting but retention – which is an issue that anyone would have in any business anyway.

SendOutCards is organized and sends out a clear message. I believe this is one of the more legitimate opportunities out there.

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