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Reliv Opportunity Review – An Review Of The Reliv MLM Company and The Reliv Products

relivReliv International was founded by Bob Montgomery about 23 years ago in 1988. Before this company, Bob has helped in building an insurance company that reached 250 million in revenue within a short time period before Bob retired at an age of 38!

Bob's wanted to build a solid company that could be a star in network marketing and this forced him out of his retirement. Relive opportunity provides people with genuine products and way to make good money by selling these world class products.

Today Reliv has spread out to more than 14 countries including UK, Canada, Mexico and Germany. It has more than 70000 distributors actively selling its wide range of products to the health conscious people who realize the significance of high quality Reliv products. You can also buy Reliv products online and all its products have been successful in developing positive reputation around the world.

Direct selling is the best for buyers – they get better products at lower costs than traditional distribution methods and companies that drop hundreds of thousands into expensive advertising campaigns.

Traditional companies usually deliver their products to the end customers through traditional means, that is by designing the product, manufacturing it and then packaging and dispatching it to distributors. It is then sent to stores and undergoes usual sales process. All this adds to the cost of product, which ultimately consumer has to pay.
On the other hand, Reliv has chosen a parallel and alternative marketing method. This is also referred to as MLM (Multi Level Marketing) where you as a business owner will sell the products of the company directly to the consumers (starting with your family members and friends) and your fat much lower price. You can well imagine the high demand for wellness products as today people are much conscious about their health. Within no time, you will be enjoying the positing results of your initiative and as your network grows, you will see massive jump in your monthly revenues.

The Reliv Product Line

In 1988 when Reliv was formed, Bob Montgomery and Sandy formed a team with Dr. Kalogris ( a world famous micro biologist) who helped in designing supplements with a formula which could easily cover the day's worth of complete nutrition. Today Reliv offers a complete product line with numerous products.

On the front line, there are three starter formulas: Reliv Classic (an original nutritional formula), the Reliv Now, and the Reliv Simplicity, which is your complete weight loss formula. The first two Reliv formulas clean your system of all built-up toxins from processed foods and other such stuff. The last formula is an appetite suppressant which also acts as an meal replacement supplement.

Relive nutritional and healthcare products provide wide range of solutions for kid health, joints, heart health, weight loss, energy, performance and anti-aging supplements.

Some of their products are:

Reliv Classic
Reliv Now
Herbal Harmony
All these are soy based supplements.
ReversAge (a body product line)

Reliv-Not an illegal pyramid scheme!  You may find consumers with Reliv complaints, but that's typical of a large successful MLM company like Reliv.

With a glorious background spanning 23 years, and numerous highly successful health care products, Reliv is not another illegal pyramid scheme and it has not a single bad product. The reality is that you can definitely make good money if you know of ways to take advantage of this opportunity.

The Reliv Compensation Plan

Relive provides excellent business opportunity for all those who want to generate continuous stream of income to gain financial stability. Commissions are paid by the company as a part of their income plan (retail income) and they also offer incentives based on the sale performance of its members (wholesale income) and you are adequately rewarded for your downline success.

In retail income, you get between 20-40 percent commission depending upon the distributors profit level. Another is the wholesale income where you get share from the products that are sold in your group. This happens when you sponsor a new representative or distributor who then becomes a part of your group.

All in all, Reliv pays their distributors in five ways.

1.    Retail Income – Products that you sell to customers
2.    Wholesale Income – Products that are sold through Your Team
3.    Overrides – Residual income that is earned from the leaders that you develop in your Team
4.    Cash Bonuses And Trips – These incentives help in enhancing your lifestyle
5.    Ambassador Program – Additional Bonuses to help others in getting success with Reliv

It seems that with Reliv you can make you wildest dreams to come true!

How to attract leads for your Reliv business opportunity?

1. Use LinkedIn-LinkedIn is highly popular social networking site that brings worldwide businesses together and promotes their relationships and programs. Millions of businesses are on LinkedIn. You can start on this site by making your profile. Once you successfully create your profile, you can start making connections. On an average every member has sixty connections. Though there is an limit on number of groups you can join, but joining groups with same interests give you an excellent opportunity to link with like mined people. It is also possible for you to sort out various companies and their employees and ask all those who are perfect for your network.

2. Tweet with Twitter!- Reliv is member of Council for Responsible Nutrition and Direct Selling Association. It is traded publicly on NASDAQ. Twitter offers you a best way to generate tons of leads. It provides you powerful online presence within a short period of time. When you are signing for the first time, you should add your picture to the profile and also include your URL that links directly to your site. You should inform all those who are following you about yourself and add few keywords within your biography that directly relate to your product. You have to be really smart in designing your tweets as you are allowed only 140 characters in them.

You can lure your prospects with the help of your posts. By adding link that directly connects to your website or blog, you can give more information about the Reliv products and attract more leads.

With Reliv, you have an awesome opportunity to generate massive income by offering a highly useful solution even in these hard economic times on almost daily basis. By adding  these two and other innovative methods to your marketing strategy, you will see your Reliv business grow to the next level within days.

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