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Who Is Mike Klingler

mike klinglerIf you don’t know Mike Klingler, you’re about to. Mike Klingler is best known for being an internet entrepreneur and marketing coach who is an expert in helping others acquire a substantial amount of leads on a shoestring budget. He helps, network marketers, non-profit companies and more in the art of marketing.

Mike Klingler's Biography

Before going from zero to millions of dollars in the network/internet marketing industry, he was a newbie at one point too – not attaining the results he wanted. It wasn’t until he read a book by Ann Sieg called “The Renegade Network Marketer” that turned his business around. Ann Sieg is a pioneer of online marketing and strategy to grow your home-based business.

Since that book, Mike Klingler’s founded or co-founded many companies that include coaching cognition, Marketing Merge, Renegade University, Renegade Professional and Marketing Funnel Mastery.

A few of his best known companies are University Renegade, Marketing Merge and Marketing Funnel Mastery.

•University Renegade started in 2007. Its main purpose is to help network marketers and other small businesses hit the ground running and get into the internet attraction marketing.

•Marketing Merge (MarketingMerge.com )is designed to help those take advantage of internet marketing on a shoestring budget by using many comprehensive tools, resources and a very unique training style.

•Marketing Funnel Mastery (Marketing Funnel Mastery.com) is a two day event focusing on internet strategies with funnel systems. As a matter of fact, if you join his Facebook fan page @ http://www.facebook.com/mikeklinglerfans?sk=app_7146470109 you can get yourself 1 free Marketing Funnel Mastery class.

With a large a loyal following of 25,000 plus on Mike Klingler’s fan page and tens of thousands more in the real world, Mike Klingler has seen it all and experienced it all. Now, he’s helping others cut their learning curve and experience the success he currently has faster then he did! Visit Mike Klingler’s blog at http://www.MIkeKlingler.com

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  1. Mike Klingler is an unethical scam artist.
    He will do anything for a buck.
    Be careful and avoid dealing with him.

  2. Mike Klinger has no conscience and is indeed a scam artist.

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