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Immunotec is multi level marketing company that offers a proven business and compensation plan which helps you build the business you desire. The company does this by helping you earn some income on the side or creating a full time income. Like any other multilevel marketing company, it's independent consultants buy products directly from Immunotec and then sell them directly to the customers. By direct selling, the company eliminates middlemen ensuring that consultants enjoy larger profit margins. This is the basis of all multi level marketing companies.


Additionally, the company's program allows members to build a residual income from the customers that join you. This creates a continuous stream of income whereby you get paid from the efforts of those who join you. Unlike many other traditional jobs you have the opportunity to build your own business and have a team working under you earning you money. Immunotec's compensation structure has been designed to reward members who follow the basics of multi level marketing.

The income that members earn from Immunotec's compensation plan is calculated based on the number of Consultants a member has, the purchases amount and the ability to introduce members to Immunotec. Immunotec pays bonuses and commissions which are solely based on the amount of products purchased and not the number of consultants you have recruited which is the case in many multi level companies.

Income from Immunotec comes from two places. One being the product purchases that are made by your customers and yourself. The second place is the volume generated by consultants under you. To be successful in generating income from product purchases and volume generated you need to first of all market Immunotec to each and every person you meet by talking to them about the companies' great products and fulltime employment opportunity. You also need to consistently follow the company's success system for over a decade. You also need to consistently follow the company's success system for over a decade. You also need to take consistent steps up the compensation plan. Lastly, you need to teach other people how to do what you have done over and over again. In multi level marketing, you get more income from the efforts you put into your team.

The Immunotec Compensation plan

Immunotec's compensation plan is easy to understand. Understanding how you will earn money is important. The income is generated in a number of ways. First you earn from is the customer base you have. You also earn from your consultants who are under you. The compensation plan also involves bonuses that can be gotten once you achieve additional qualifications.

The main aim of Immunotec's multilevel marketing is to create an efficient distribution network for Immunotec products. The compensation plan consists of two parts namely; the formula and terms of payment on your personal Customers and also how you get paid for the sales done by other Consultants you have sponsored into the business.

The compensation for personal customers is simple. Every time you purchase products, you buy them at wholesale price and sell them at whatever price you want. This way you earn an instant retail bonus.

The compensation plan also has the Immunotec Direct Program which helps you take advantage of shipments made by customers you registered to Immunotec. In the program all your customer enjoys a special 20% discount while you earn the difference between the wholesale price and the price that is paid by your customer. The plan also has a down line consultant business commission. You are entitled to commissions on business that is generated by your other consultants who you sponsor into Immunotec.

Another bonus in the compensation plan is the business builder bonus that is paid to you every time you sponsor a new person. The bonus earns you 20% of the purchases made by consultants that you sponsored on their first month. You also earn a 5% business builder bonus every time you sponsor a new consultant. The bonus also applies every time you sponsor another consultant in a month earning you a 10% bonus from the 1st and 2nd consultant you introduce in a given month. Any other more consultants you sponsor in a month earn you a business builder bonus of 20% on all your consultants' purchases in addition to residual commissions.

Immunotec Products

Immunotec has numerous products that are good for your body. These products include Immunocal which is a natural protein essential for addresses several factors that affect a person's quality of life. Immunocal increase the body's immune system therefore boosting the body's ability to fight diseases by optimizing antioxidant production. Immunocal also maintains the body's immune defenses by dealing with any toxins and pollutants in the body. It also enhances the energy levels of an individual.

E-motion is another product by Immunotec. E-motion Gel uses proprietary formulation to provide high body performance. It contains both simple and complex carbohydrates that are easy to digest and fast acting. The gel also contains vitamins B/D and electrolytes making the gel a superior product that is designed to provide mental and physical stimulation as well as accelerated muscle recovery.

Immunotec also has a product called Dutch Chocolate which contains lipids, proteins and carbohydrates at optimal levels. It is a healthy supplement chocolate that contains low calories.

Immunotec also has a product called; Naturally Sourced Calcium. The product as the name suggests is rich in calcium which is necessary in the diet.

Omega 3 CoQ10 is another product by Immunotec that protects the heart and brain. Omega 3 is a vital component in Fish oil that has been proven to enhance memory among other brain functions. Immunotec has a rich understanding of the importance and application of fish oil.

Immunotec also has mineral and vitamin supplements such as Resveratrol. This is a high potency and well balanced nutrient formula. Resveratrol contains all the basic minerals and vitamins that the body needs. The product contains vitamins and minerals that are highly absorbent. For instance, Resveratrol contains absorbable mineral such as chelates. There are also traces of elements such as B-complex and other supportive nutrients.Immunotec product is ideal to meet the daily mineral and vitamin requirements necessary in maintain a healthy daily lifestyle.

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