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David Wood is also Best Known For

david woodDavid Wood is known from going homeless to one of the most respected internet marketers in the MLM and network marketing industry.

David Wood's Biography

David Wood is a very experienced network marketer. Not because he’s had so much success or so much failure although he’s had both, he is one of the few people who was apart of two major era’s in network marketing, the warm market era and the internet era.

David Wood: MLM Genius?

He started his network marketing career in Amway and of course back in those days and with Amway, network marketing was primarily a “friends and family” type of business. Although he did recruit a lot of people in his first stint it was deemed a failure. Trying to think outside of the box he didn’t gain much financially. He then went into Pre-Paid Legal and he eventually just recruited everyone into his new venture from his previous one with Amway.

Fast forward a little bit and David Wood took a break from the MLM industry and even became homeless at one point.  He tells the story of how he lived in a van frequently. He did eventually find his way back but this time he used the power of the internet to build a proper and profitable business and became one of the most respected marketers in the game.

David Wood: MLM Sucess Story

David Wood has become the #1 recruiter in two of the biggest business opportunities around with MyLeadSystemPro and The Numis Network.

He leveraged the power of internet marketing mostly by content. He uses many tactics to stay ahead of the game but his bread and butter are article marketing and video marketing. He can bring in between 50 to 60 qualified leads a day, reportedly brings in an average of 80k a month and has taught his skill to many others.

David Wood's New Project: The Empower Network

As he stands today, he is a leader in multiple business opportunities, a coach, a speaker and a product creator. His latest project, The Empower Network System that he’s created with David Sharpe, has been catching insane buzz and at the time of this review was written The Empower Network System was less than a week old, launching on October 31st, 2011.

This is his most ambitious project yet, and when David Wood personally called me to tell me about it, I was impressed.  In fac,t I joined and put together some bonuses for The Empower Network here.

Learn More About David Wood at

Website: http://workwithdavidwood.com/
Facebook: http://facebook.com/empowernetwork
New Project: http://www.empowernetwork.com/
New Project Fan Page: http://EmpoweredNetworkBlogs.com

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